Sunday, May 29, 2005

I am a Filipina!

Vonjobi's effort to change search engine's mining of Filipina is gradually paying off. It now even has a logo contributed by Jonas Diego.

I am partly embarrassed by this whole discussion. For one, I don't refer to myself as a Filipina but a Filipino especially when I achieve a feat that is truly a first, regardless of gender. I guess I have to refer to myself more as a Filipino/Filipina hereon.

Perhaps, the reason for that attitude as well is that the feat achieved had nothing to do with me being a Filipina or woman. As I become more gender sensitive, perhaps my outlook will change in the long run.



Another POUD PINAY...I'm a proud pinay too blogging from Washington DC. I will bookmark ur site, and will put u in my links as soon as I get the chance to update.

bing said...

i think that being gender sensitive is divisional. but there are situations where a woman should be recognized as a woman. nice ideas...

and hey, i already have the 5 questions in the Q & A portion. you can answer them now if you have the time.