Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Discovering Windows Vista

I am attending an IMMAP meeting where we are given a demo about Windows Vista. It is my first time to see it first-hand and I'm impressed. New features that I find useful includes:
  • Controlling time limit on Internet use on particular users, like your children.
  • Internet Explorer can alert you if what you visited is a phishing website.
  • Control games that children can play by using the ratings feature.
  • Search for programs and documents by typing keywords.
  • Reporting on Internet activity of users such as the top 10 websites they've visited, among others.
  • Guided help allows you to be given instructions on how to do a particular task that you inquired for help or it can do directly.
  • Tutorials or demos on how to do things in video form.
  • Windows Media Center that allows you to record TV shows while watching another TV show. (assuming your computer has a TV tuner)
  • Watch online media center that allows you to watch Internet TV shows or radio shows/podcast.
  • You can also download gadgets to your sidebar.
  • Windows Dream Scene allows you to add a video in the background or wallpapers that move on your desktop. This is one area where we can expect developments in the future.

Recommended system requirements is Pentium 4 class machine with 1GB of memory. I think I need to upgrade to be able to use Windows Vista!

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