Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moving on with Motherhood

(photo taken last May 4 at Shangri-la Hotel Makati)

Just like to greet you all a Happy Mother's Day!

Mom (wearing glasses) now spends her time reading, just enjoying herself, and catch up with friends. I will be teaching her how to use the Internet one of these days.

The girl behind me, midde, is Jenny. She runs her own e-store and my partner at Prima Day Care and Play School. As she just started her own family last year and my frequent traveling, we've decided to finally start finding buyers for the small school we invested in.

The girl beside her and right behind me is Jehan (wearing brown blouse). In addition to her full time I.T. work, she is into kids party organizing and retail selling of various items. She has two very charming pre-school kids and actively showing off their talent during gatherings.

Beside me is Jhermie and she just arrived in Adelaide a few days ago to join her husband who is now working there.

Who is not in this photo? Well my adventurous and the only single lady in our family, Jherlie. In addition to being busy with her events marketing business, she loves to travel and contributes some of her adventures through this blog.

As I settled down quite early, I'm quite through with all the babies and stuff while my sisters are starting on their own. I must admit though that with the Internet, motherhood is much more fun as you could post regular developments, share photos, get motherhood tips and tricks, and even find a great recipe from a friends blog. I'm glad to see my sisters enjoying this and despite not seeing each other than often, it keeps us connected.

Do you have a photo with your mom posted on your blog or any other photo sharing site? Share it!

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P0ytee said...

Busy, busy moms! Happy Mothers Day to all of you. :)