Monday, November 17, 2008

Date with girl friend - Watching Lei Bautista at Nuvo

Whenever in Manila, I always make sure to allot time catching up with a very good friend, Mel. Last Friday, we had dinner and accompanied her to Nuvo so she can visit a long time friend. That person is Lei Bautista who is also known for the song - Cool Ka Lang. As our video recording did not succeed, I picked up this song via YouTube and posted it here.

This is my first time to enter Nuvo where Mel and I ordered a drink each. As we know each other for more than a decade, I asked if we ever catched up in a spot like Nuvo before and realized that we haven't. I guess we are just women who would like to catch up over regular meals and/or coffee rather than a cocktail in one hand.

Of course, passing by Nuvo meant that we had to make 3 stops: dinner-cocktail-coffee. The last spot landed us at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I guess when you frequent coffee shops quite often enough, capuccinos almost taste the same everywhere.

Mel's life is great enough to become one of the best "mother story" novel for all time. Her humility keeps my feet on the ground and humbles me.