Monday, December 15, 2008

Celebrate with a Cigar

We often encounter movies with characters smoking Cigars and usually reserved in special occasions. This happens oftentimes whenever a deal or major game is won or secured.

I am not ignorant to cigars and had my share of trying them. The most unforgettable one is from an elderly retired friend, whom we all fondly referred to as "Daddy", who brings his cigar and share it. It has this chocolate after taste and comes in a much smaller size.

It also leaves a certain aroma, like brewed coffee, that stays with you that makes it a bit exotic, in terms of experience. Of course, smoking cigars is a rare experience as there's a unique circle of people who loves this kind. Well "Daddy" has already passed away but his advise on career and life were most unforgettable. His most unforgettable quote to me was, "Act like a Lady. Talk like a Man. Work like a Horse."

Back to the topic, there are many variant of Cigars to choose from. The popular ones often searched by Internet users according to WordTracker are:
  • Cuban cigars
  • Jr. cigars
  • Thompson cigars
  • Acid cigars
Other interesting variants worth checking as well are Cohiba cigars and Macanudo cigars.

You can buy cigars from your favorite store or visit websites that ships the variant you like (e.g. Famous Smoke Shop). If you are inexperienced, it is important to buy from legitimate outlets to ensure that you are buying the real deal and not some knock off copy cat of the brand.

Of course, don't forget to smoke Cigars moderately.