Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Century Tuna Diet

Last October 20 to November 22, I experimented with my eating program and ate Century Tuna, my favorite is the hot & spicy variant, and hot Spanish sardines whenever I am home. While outside, eating meat became a rare thing except when it is unavoidable and indulgence is given way in few occasions.

There are many ways you can eat tuna meat like this one. The most common one would be just plain saute with garlic and onion. If I'll be cooking myself, will add tomato too. If it is meant to be shared with others, egg can be included. You can eat it with rice, bread, salad, or even pasta.

Admittedly, the weight factor didn't change that much although friends noticed some improvement. It is important to take vitamins or supplements to augment nutrients you get deprived on as a result of the diet. This has an effect on your brain processing power, mood, and vitality.

At this time, being with family abroad for the holiday season prevents me from the following the diet I started. They also don't have the hot & spicy variant so I stick to the tuna in olive oil or vegetable oil or water whenever I get the chance. At times, I just skip dinner. So we'll see...