Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hire a Filipina Maid - Transit at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia International Airport

Last November 22, I left the country to visit family members. Part of the trip is to transit at the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia airport.

I have been traveling for more than a decade now and the airports feel like the same wherever you go. However, once you have decided to make a photography adventure out of it, suddenly, everything looks different.

I hardly bought items at the airport for they are usually expensive. Although I recall buying a Blubrry blouse once at the airport as I have a presentation two hours after landing.

There is also an incentive buying duty-free while onboard a flight as mileage credits can be earned with your frequent flyer card. I must admit a few items caught my attention during the shoot but I find it pointless to wear or carry such expensive stuff if it is worth like a laptop already and you prefer commuting most of the time.

Inbound (October 19)

What was memorable during this trip was my stay at the Premiere airport lounge where part of the package is a 20 minutes chair back massage. It was a very good one.

One unforgettable note I have at that time was while surfing the Internet in KL, if you visit anything that is Philippines-related, I saw ads popping up about "hire a Filipina maid". I wish I had taken a screen shot of it. I guess that is the reality of life as most Filipinos go abroad to pursue better lives.