Friday, February 06, 2009

Credit Card with Travel Rewards

There was a time back in 2001-2003, I was traveling monthly to various conferences to talk e-commerce, Internet, and wireless technology developments in the Philippines and facilitating workshops for women entrepreneurs. The usual arrangement back then is we pay for our airfare ahead and just reimburse upon arrival at the event.

This is where a credit card that has incentive for frequent travelers matter. Some credit cards, if used to purchase an airline ticket, may automatically qualify you for an insurance.

Others have partnership with airline entities or co-branded with an airline therefore giving you travel points for purchases.

The frequent trips back then allowed me to enjoy business class upgrade and several round trip tickets. Those were the days.

On the risky side, using credit cards for travel may get you into a lot of debt if not careful. So make sure not to spend more than just your target allowance. If you see yourself traveling more than usual in the next year or two, investing in a good credit card that supports such lifestyle is more than encouraged.

If you are in credit card debt already, there is nothing wrong in seeking help and advise on exploring a good deal that will allow you to pay gradually without accruing interests furthermore.

There are sites that gives information on credit card rewards such as They also provide a lot of interesting information for credit card holders that I believe first time ones should know.


At the time when I had my first credit card, the Internet was just beginning and there is not much resource to rely on to get good advice on credit card. At least now, the resources are just out there that will allow you to discover more credit card rewards.