Friday, March 27, 2009

Designer baby slings & diaper bags for fashionistas

I am so happy that my youngest sisters, twins Jherlie and Jhermie, have their babies a month apart (February and March 2009). Being fortunate enough to see them both brings such great joy and see the benefits of starting a family a bit later in life where you have more resources at your disposal.

At the same time though, it can be a bit stressful especially when breastfeeding as the child wants to be carried and be fed despite being full already. My sister refers to it like being treated as a "human dummy". But as they learn about scheduling and routines, I'm sure they will get passed through that pretty soon.

In the family, these twins are actually our fashionistas. They always arrive in style no matter what the occassion is. Now with babies, they definitely should not lose their flair.

Baby slings and diaper bags are often needed by parents especially when going out.

For comfort and durability, investing in a good brand can be practical especially if you will be able to pass this on in the future and have more kids planned in the short term. One brand that I spotted lately is the Petunia Pickle Bottom.

(those based in the US can avail of free shipping if ordered at Layla Grayce site)

When I first saw the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, immediately mistaken it for a laptop bag and had to read the description to ensure that it wasn't one. It's nice to have a nice bag so that even the dads and siblings will look cool carrying one.

When going out, I also recommend to use a baby sling so that the baby can rest more comfortably while being carried, secured, and give mom or dad some room to move around, especially when eating or need to carry stuff with one hand. Petunia Pickle Bottom baby slings have nice designs also that can be worth checking out.

The next big event for us is the baptismal of these two new babies in the family. This year will definitely be exciting for the family as we welcome Jamila and Ethan in our world.