Thursday, August 13, 2009

Group facial & diamond peel at Clarity

Last July 31, I posted a shout-out on Facebook inviting two lady bloggers to join me for a facial and diamond peel session at Clarity.

Lace and Nika responded and had our taste of Clarity's beauty through expert care service at its Shangri-la EDSA Mall Mandaluyong branch last August 3.

Upon arrival, we were given a briefing of the various services offered by Clarity and its facilities. Afterwards, we started our facial and diamond peel session in our respective treatment rooms.
During the facial session, I like being told when an area might hurt before it gets prick. I know that is not a big deal but at least I get to be prepared than be caught by surprise.

For a person like me with freckles, an option that I can take in the future, in conjunction with a diamond peel, is their intense pulsed light laser treatment or IPL. I was told it reverses age spots, freckles, broken veins, and large pores so that the skin looks tight.

As I've tried several facial centers in the past, I am always observant on how my face feels after a session. Despite not having a facial cleaning session for a long time, liked the way how my skin was taken cared of. It had a very smooth and blushing finish that just awed me.
I have been a loyal customer of Healthway, especially for dental maintenance and other multi-specialty medical services. When I signed up as a Healthway cardholder back then, was able to try out a session at Clarity and tried its diamond peel.

Great to know that the service was still as good and look forward in trying it again soon. Budget for a facial with diamond peel session is one thousand five hundred pesos (P1500). They also have promotional discounts. Make sure you inquire about them when booking an appointment.

I was happy to find out that Clarity has pediatric dental services as well where parents with special kids can bring their child for proper consultation.

By the way, you might want to become a fan of Clarity's Facebook page. They will have promotions there soon where you might be able to get a free facial and diamond peel session.