Tuesday, October 01, 2002

.: Monday Girl: Patricia Gabriel :.

FULL NAME: Patricia C. Gabriel
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 May 1972
CURRENT LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: B.S. Applied Mathematics with specialization in Computer Applications, De La Salle University
AGENCY / COMPANY: World Health Organization
JOB TITLE: Programmer-Analyst
JOB FUNCTION: designs, analyzes, develops and maintains mailing applications
INTERESTS / HOBBIES: rock/wall climbing, billiards, shooting boring photos

According to our 'Swiss Miss' Patricia Gabriel, working in WHO has the been the most memorable experience in her 11 years in the IT industry. "I didn't imagine myself working as a civil servant before. [It's] difficult because the culture is different from the private consulting firms I used to work with," she says. Pat was even surprised with the technology she had to bear with as she claims that the Philippine regional offices of WHO are even more high tech than the headquarters where she's in. Nevertheless, "It has been fairly good working for the WHO ... exciting because I learned to do my first web application from scratch here."

Introvert by nature, Pat claims she's also a risk-taker ("emotionally and otherwise, that's why I'm in Geneva") and, if given a macro-vacation from managing mailing applications, would rather be a pilot ("I've always wanted to fly planes."), a rock journalist ("like the kid in Almost Famous. Who wouldn't want to be in rock concerts all the time?") or a full time photographer.

She's gone from managing a project and back to programming. Why so? "I still love to tinker with code rather than manage everyone's schedule and budget and the customers. My career goal right now is to continue with technical stuff rather than go into management. Many people may view that as having no ambition at all, but this is what I love doing."

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