Sunday, April 19, 2009

Country style dining at Flapjacks

I was able to visit Flapjacks last Thursday and Friday at Greenbelt 3 and UP AyalaLand TechnoHub for two different meetings. The place reminds me of a breakfast spot in Los Angeles where the atmosphere feels like being in a big family table.

I tried the pork chop although if you don't like eating the fat area, it may not be enough to finish the rice. The bottomless coffee was certainly a delight.

They also have a loyalty card that you can get for free upon purchase of its gift certificate worth P1500. Since Italiannis and TGI Fridays (I used to watch those bartenders competition there!) are some of my favorite spots, I will likely avail of that card in my next visit.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Appetizer sampler at Sports Plus Cafe Eastwood

Last April 7, I was at the Eastwood Quezon City area for the DigitalFilipino Social Networking Awards judging phase. Later that afternoon, catch up with the AKA Mobile Directory team at Sports Plus Cafe to be given a demo of their site.

We ordered this huge appetizer sampler and found it to be a good deal as we were not even able to fully consume it. I think one of that can already be good for 5 people to share and enjoy with their drinks. Also, I like their house red wine.

You can find Sports Plus Cafe inside Eastwood IT Park, Libis, Quezon City.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finding the right car for a student driver

Two of my kids will be back by early next year from Australia to pursue their college education here. I'm now pressured again to learn how to drive so that these two will find it easier to move around with me joining them.

Although they could also learn how to drive but the responsibility maybe too much for such tender age.

I always wanted to have a van although with the idea of me as the passenger rather than the driver. The same goes for sports utility vehicles. A car is interesting but more for short trips. I'd rather take a public transport for longer ones as I might fall asleep without having an alternate.


I've been checking out various forums and online car sites to explore available models that will capture my attention. So far, the new ones are pretty interesting such as the chevy impala (2009 Chevrolet Impala). The Car Connection site gave it a 6.6 rating.

What has been said so far with its roomy passenger cabins, engine features, safety test ratings, sounds fine to me. It doesn't have to scream with good looks as it may also cause a lot of trouble later on such as car theft, among others.

It may not be an exciting choice but from a practical point of view, should we decide to buy a new one instead of 2nd hand, I will definitely keep this car in mind as one of our options.

Blue marlin salpicado & cake sampler at Chocolate Kiss

Eating fish is a priority I have in mind whenever I return home from visiting the family in Australia. So when JJ told me that we'll be meeting at Chocolate Kiss at UP Bahay ng Alumni, last April 8, for the Bloggers Election Handbook, immediately said "Sure!".

So for this brunch meeting, I ordered Blue Marlin Salpicado and that famous cake sampler (carrot cake, fruit cake, and chocolate cake I think). This place is quite popular though and it is best to arrive early when planning to dine here.

Prior to the meeting, also got a phone call overseas about making me part of this super users group. I'm excited!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Art Circle Gallery showcases Philippine Art

Last Wednesday, April 8, I chance upon the Art Circle Gallery located at the U.P. Bahay ng Alumni in Diliman, Quezon City. Was allowed to take some snapshots and given a brochure. Working on this post made me realize that the gallery is actually a big establishment with outlets in major mall areas.

Looking at the photos taken, brochure, and artwork posted at the Art Circle Gallery website, we really have a lot of great artist in the Philippines. Some of the art work I've seen just blows me away. As in WOW! Check them out!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bulk buy Jelly Beans - Kosher Pareve certified

Just found out that folks can buy Bulk Jelly Beans at Oh! Nuts at very competitive prices. This can either be for personal or home consumption or as a gift to someone.


I also got intrigued as I have not encountered a product before, such as the Jelly Beans available in the site, that is Kosher Pareve certified.

A food item is considered Kosher if it follows Jewish Dietary Laws which are lifted from Biblical laws and rabbinical extensions. Oh! Nuts Jelly Beans, manufactured by Gimbal's, are Kosher Pareve certified and, if I'm not mistaken, are made under rabbinical supervision. There is a growing set of customer base worldwide, not necessarily Jewish, who prefer Kosher food for its traditions and meticulousness from start to finish.

Oh! Nuts Jelly Beans typical price per pound (lb) is US$5.99. However, 10% bulk discount is given to those who purchase 10 to 49 lbs. For 50 lbs and above, the discount rate of 20% is extended.

With nearly sixty (60) colorful variants of Jelly Beans to choose from, I'm sure interested buyers in the U.S. will find one that suits their taste.

I think these are also great gift item variants that can be served during special occasions, gifts to friends and family, or celebrations like birthdays and the likes.

How to play Sudoku

Since last week, I have been playing around with this Sudoku game from eSoft Interactive and wanting to do a blog post about it.

Then I recalled how confusing it was for me to figure out how Sudoku works when I first encountered it a few years ago.

Obviously, my lack of sleep and eyebags did not stop me from recording this. Glad that it played nicely with the HTC TyTN II.

For first time Sudoku game players, hope you will find this short video helpful.

I miss Jelly Belly jelly beans candy

Whenever I travel in the past, usually buy a huge box of Jelly Belly jelly beans and candy pack famous from the country visited. As Australia is quite strict when it comes to food being brought in, my excitement to buy and bring these sweet stuff has lessened.


I wish though that there are bulk wholesale candy sellers in Australia and Philippines online, like Sugar Stand for example, where one can buy and use it for parties and special gifts.

Although there are outlets that can be visited for this purpose, it will be great to just place an order online especially if the entity selling is really well known and can be trusted.

For instance, for Easter celebration, famous sweets include Jelly Belly jeans beans, candy, chocolates in the shape of eggs, bunnies, and rabbits. If sugar free candy is a preference, there are no sugar variants available also.

I think getting into the candy business is not bad at all. They are also popular during Christmas, Halloween, birthday celebrations, as a thank you gift, and other occasions.

Popular candy variants to choose from include candy sticks, caramel, gumballs, licorice, among others. You can purchase unbranded varieties in combination famous ones like Chupa Chups, Hersheys, Tootsie Roll, etc.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dead sea mineral mud mask from Holy Land

Last February 22, joined my sisters to take a walk inside SM North Edsa. Then this guy from Holy Land, upon passing their area, politely invited me to try out their product with no purchase requirement.

Since I rarely meet retail sales people who has such confident tone without sounding arrogant or hard sell, I obliged. He basically performed the following:
  • Washed my hand with their dead sea salt product.
    But knew that I can buy same product different brand so wasn't interested.

  • Given body butter for my hands.
    Well, I still have that body butter bought from The Body Shop. It smells nice. But later on, you'll just get tired of its scent.
This guy was literally willing to let me try the whole caboodle and several passersby began inquiring also to his companion salesperson. But with such an effort, I remembered that there's one product I don't mind buying - a dead sea mask.

So after a brief demonstration (rub, wash, feel the difference) and given four variants to choose from, then offered a discount, I bought the mineral mud mask.

Now that is a salesperson!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Create your own horoscope site

When I started the Fortune Reader site last December 30, 2006 it was just an experiment to support my daughter's interest on the subject of tarot reading. Out of curiosity, I read about it and even explored its business model.

Things took a serious turn when I decided to join the busby seo test competition last November 2008 and developed content. One of them is the horoscope series that inspired me to make the Fortune Reader site active again and renamed it to New Age Perspective - Free Weekly Horoscope to complement the competition entry.

Additional changes that happened to the site includes:
Creating your own horoscope site
So when people ask me if it is easy to create your own horoscope site, I give a yes and no at the same time. I say "yes it is" as there are so many resources available to gain information about it. I say "no" as it requires interest on the subject to come up with readings on a regular basis. Also sticked to tarot cards as horoscope forecasting kits require knowing the birth date of the subject. This is not applicable to general per sign reading.

I consider this still as a hobby although I'm glad it is gradually opening monetization opportunities. However, for those of you who really wants to make such a site revenue generating, be prepared to do the following:
  • Publish original horoscope reading on a daily basis.
  • Look at other perspectives (health, financial, love, family).
  • Publish special kind of readings.
I noticed that most readers arrive from search engines and your complementary offerings (revenue generating or not) must be able to support the visitor's need of wanting to know more.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Holiday vacation travel deal - last minute

I just arrived from Adelaide, Australia last night and getting settled for the hectic schedule in the weeks to come. I noticed though that April 9 to 12 is a non-working period for locals to observe the Holy Week season. And so I began looking around to see what my options are and noticed that there is not much information posted online that would allow me to make a quick decision. I was able to spot an activity in a social network - which is to visit Cavite churches on April 9 and hope to join that.

Folks are busy nowadays. In my case, a lot of travel plans are made quickly and taking a holiday is done at the last minute. There is a need for a website that caters to last minute holiday or vacation travel decisions.


An example from the UK is that gives an array of Last Minute Holidays option to explore. It allows visitors to:
  • Pick if you are getting a hotel & flight or hotel only or flight only
  • Pick destination of choice (country and city)
  • Pick a resort
  • Departure location of traveler
  • Travel date desired
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of persons
  • Accommodation name
  • Ratings desired, if any
In some cases, no results will appear and this will require you to update to see other options. Those who intend to create something similar, and as a suggestion also to the site owners, it will help if:
  • Other last minute deals to be shown for a nearby location when none is available.
  • Be given options right away upon visiting the site.
Have a meaningful Holy Week everyone!

Buy or sell items at bazaars - Grand Bazaar at the Big Tent

Nearby our house is a place called the Big Tent (Holy Spirit drive, Don Antonio, Quezon City) where parties get celebrated and small bazaars organized. Last February 15, I was at the atm nearby and saw club member Joy Montible at the bazaar area. We had snacks and catch up.

Found out that Joy was actually helping out a friend who organizes the Grand Bazaar. There will be another one happening this April 18 and 19. Parties interested in selling their stuff there can call 384-3609 or 412-3343 or 0917-4404690.

I found the bazaar interesting as I was able to buy a few affordable items there such as this nice blouse at very reasonable price. Look forward in visiting again soon.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Internet Dating 101 - Joining Communities & Profile Creation

There are many ways that you can meet people online. For me, it is mainly about business. However, I believe that care must be given in developing your profile and the way you conduct yourself to attract the people you desire. It is also similar to folks who visit chat rooms, forums, communities, and social networks to make friends. I encounter peers who are still single and can't help but complain that they are having hard time in finding the "one". Here are some tips:
  • Join communities & social networks that matches your interest.
    It should be the kind of place where you like to hang-out and will enjoy it. That even if the person of your dreams is not there, it will still be help to you.

  • Show who you are.
    Put a nice and simple photo. Give some information about you whether business and/or personal.

  • Have fun and show a sense of humor
    Of course in a good way to show that there is more about you. Interest or closeness (or even attraction) often starts when you meet someone who can make you laugh or smile.

  • Watch what you say
    Apart from being indexed in search engines, the impression you give may improve or further hurt your chances. At least, be reasonable.

  • Attend eyeball events
    Get to know the people you meet online and vice-versa. I think the primary objective is to make friends. If you hang-out in communities that are of interest to you, then this should be fun as well. Then later on, you'll meet friends-of-friends which expands the circle and where you'll meet more interesting folks.
My point for the above is that sometimes we meet the people that matched us when we are least looking. Oftentimes, it is not love at first sight. But joining communities where you get to do the things you really like will also allow you to show your best side and get closer to people without pushing yourself too hard. Opportunities also open up from there.

Image provided by Enexodia.