Sunday, October 30, 2011

iPhone 4 best for video in comparison to BlackBerry 9800 and Samsung Galaxy S2

I recently find myself in a situation owning 3 gadgets: iPhone 4, BlackBerry 9800, and Samsung Galaxy S2. As a person who cover events, having multiple gadgets can be an asset so that you won't rely in a device soley for event coverage. Come uploading time as well, you don't have to wait for photo and video materials to be transferred to your machine first before you can do anything else.

Here are some observations and will update as soon as new observations are discovered:

BlackBerry 9800 records video and can upload from the phone. However, if you are using a prepaid SIM (like Globe), you won't be able to upload videos using your BBMax and will have to use Wi-Fi instead. The video quality is also reduced to the point some images can be blurry.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GoToMeeting now in iPad, iPhone, and Android

While configuring my gadgets today, I am ecstatic to learn the webinar application, GoToMeeting, can now be used with your iPad, iPhone, and Android. This is great news as being on the go has a lot of challenges.

I look forward testing this in our an online meeting and webinar this week to see how it will play out.

It will be cool to demonstrate this as well during talks just to show how much technology is evolving.

I hope Citrix will provide a Blackberry version of this application soon.

The same as well for the organizer edition.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Samsung Notebook Series 9 - almost perfect but HDMI to VGA adapter still elusive

Last July 17, 2011, my Samsung Notebook Series 9 finally arrived. Was so excited in unboxing it and made sure that all the necessary tools are installed from anti-virus, Adobe tools, to OpenOffice so I can already get to work.

The Samsung Notebook Series 9 is a beautiful device. But without the HDMI to VGA adapter, it is a luxurious investment that fails serving its most useful purpose - to have a lightweight machine I can use for presentations.
It is great to have a 2nd powerful laptop with you that can perform task while busy with your main laptop. I now use this during training as my MacBook Pro oftentimes have to be connected to the projector and need to do other tasks while at it. I use this for my video uploads as well and attend to project specific tasks.

I picked this model recognizing the reality that gadgets are status symbol icons. In the field am in where most of my peers sports the latest device, I have to choose mine wisely without bordering to luxurious spending. The laptop, being sexy due to its slim body, catches attention the moment it is opened. It is fast in loading applications and has beautiful screen resolution too.

The search for VGA adapter
What only frustrates me at the moment is the unavailability of its HDMI to VGA adapter. This accessory, if I have it, should allow me to connect the Samsung Notebook Series 9 to an LCD projector and do my presentations.

Up to this moment, despite several attempts of making calls to get one, I am unsuccessful in getting it. What is funny when making calls and identifying my need, despite stating the laptop model, it seems all the tech people we talked to doesn't know what the heck is this VGA adapter. The Quick Start Guide included in the box didn't state the model number that makes things harder too. Some will give us a price of up to P6,500 requiring it on a per-order basis and needs an upfront payment.

Although the U.S. site states that this AA-AH1NAMB HDMI to VGA adapter is only US$39.99. Now I realized that I should have ordered this while in the U.S. last month and end my frustration. Note that locally, I also tried looking for unbranded counterparts in CDR King but they don't have one.

I will be in Singapore this October 13 and 14 to attend an event. If I am lucky, hope to find it there.

(hay... deep breath...)