Tuesday, November 27, 2012

EXL launched branded merchandise online store

In the DigitalFilipino Club, one idea I have been thinking about is organizing an event for club members where they can tag their family along. In addition, have a merchandise store where DigitalFilipino branded collaterals can be sold. However, it has to be unique or special to make it different from the usual ones.

This thought got revived again after I receive a heads-up about the recent EXL Service Philippines family day event last October 7, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

EXL Service Philippines Inc. is a transformation and outsourcing services provider for Global 1000 companies in the insurance, healthcare, travel, transportation, utilities and financial industries. Their Pasay City office has more than 1,800 employees serving over ten clients, who are part of Fortune’s Top 100 companies. The company is also set to put up more outposts in Mega Manila, as well as a new office in Cebu City.

At its family day last October 7, EXL's Shruti Jain, Glenn Bautista, Joanne Thursday Uy, and Jaideep Pradhan launched the EXL Brand Store at http://brandstore.exlservice.com. This an online merchandise store where employees can order EXL branded merchandise to be shipped to the address of their choice.

The EXL Family Day had the tagline “The Home Where I Belong”. It drew more than 3,000 attendees as an employee can bring in at most 3 family members. Meal stubs were given where participants can eat at Ineng’s BBQ while kids can enjoy their meal from Jollibee. Pepsi sponsored by donating 100 cases of drinks.

EXL's Family Day isn't just for employees to have a fun Sunday with their loved ones. Jade Santiago, Manager for EXL’s Capability Development, gave a different perspective. “It's also an avenue for our employees' families to see where they work and what they do,” she said. “They also get to mingle with the people that their family member work with and spends a lot of time with day in and day out.”

“Not all BPO companies do this,” added Evangeline Tan, Asst. Manager for EXL’s Capability Development. “Here at EXL, all family members gather every year and they get to actually do a guest tour of our two sites, see the office and our world-class facilities, and take photos” (which by the way only happens once a year, as we are strict when it comes to Information Security).”

The annual EXL Family Day activity and exciting Process Parties aren't the only perks which an EXL employee can enjoy. They also have monthly site wide activities like EXL Got Talent, Chorale Competition, Battle of the Brains, CSR programs and seasonal celebrations (e.g., Valentine's Day) which everyone looks forward to.

Employees also do their part in making the family bigger through recruitment referrals.

EXL is slated to grow to at least 2,500 by next year, with the addition of two more sites- another one in Metro Manila and a site in Cebu.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is billiards still a popular sport?

Back in 1997 and 1998, one sport that I got really hooked into was billiards. I frequent Blarney Stone (which was near my place of work) in the late afternoon just to play. You put your name in the list and once your turn is up, you will play in the previous round winnner. Whoever loses will pay for that P25 game. It was fair and square.

As most folks who hang-out in that place were expats, you end up meeting quite an interesting number of people in the process who have gigs in the Philippines - mostly as a consultant. When playing billiards, a lot of them were very competitive that makes it not boring at all.

But when the Asian financial crisis hit the country, things have change and saw a lot of regular folks I get to play with leaving the country one by one for one reason or another.
Hardly played the game since except for few occassions. Although it seems I will need eye glasses and more if I really want to take the game seriously again.

Last September 23, I found myself visiting Starmall in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan to watch the opening of Villards Cup. I recall teasing the event organizer that I will only go there if I can get to play as well.

Admittedly, while watching the opening and some of the games happening, I can't help but feel missing the game. 


After the opening ceremonies, spotted one player who sports a blonde look. Found out that he is one of the 16 amateur players (from all over Bulacan) competiting - Rommel Dalita. Took a video, using my iPhone, interviewed him on what he thinks of the competition. A few days after though, my iPhone got lost while in a cab and that video gone.

But I remember how Rommel appreciated the competition as it helps professional billiard players like him get the exposure and opportunities needed. Found out that Rommel actually gets his income from playing the game, visiting various places, just to compete.

It was his first time in the Villards Cup as a player. In the past, he supported the cup as a referee. 

The Villar Foundation started the Villards Cup in 2008. It provides budding billiards players a venue to compete against amateur players and play alongside veterans and billiards champs. Of course, as we are already in the election season, it can't be helped that the organization's chairman and managing director - Senator Manny Villar and former Las Pinas Representative Cynthia Villar - be accused of politicking.

Rommel thinks that is to be expected and regarded the couple quite highly for helping this growing pang-masa sport while caring for those who get to join the game. Like in this cup for instance, those who will not be fortunate enough to win still got a five thousand pesos (P5000) prize that they can take home to their families.

The complete list of winners at Villards Cup 2012 are as follows:
1st: Edgie Geronimo (Marilao)
2nd: Eduardo Lim (Meycauayan)
3rd / 4th: Resty Labastida (Bocaue) / Roberto Bilicario (Sta. Maria)
5th / 6th: Kennet Matheu Garcia (Marilao) / Marlon Glinogo (Bulacan)
7th / 8th: Jonas Paolo Ramos (Baliwag) / William Trinidad (Angat)

One of the advocacies of the Villar Foundation is grassroots sports development throughout the country.  In its 20 years of service, various sports programs have been implemented to support this thrust including Sports sa Barangay, football clinics, among others. 

The Villards Cup has been staged in key cities of the Philippines and has featured the best Filipino cue artists and has paved the way in discovering future billiard players. Philippine Billiards legends--Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante, Ronnie ‘The Volcano’ Alcano and Dennis ‘Robocop’ Orcollo attended the event. On the first day of the billiards tournament, they played an exhibition game among themselves. While on the second day, they played with this year’s Villards Cup winners Edgie Geronimo of Marilao (champion) and Eduardo Lim of Meycauayan (2nd placer).

The Villards Cup project of the Villar Foundation in cooperation with Starmall, Puyat Sports and Billiards Managers and Players Association of the Philippines.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to play Streetfood Tycoon

Got a buzz lately from Erick Garayblas of Kuyi Mobile about his newly launched game Streetfood Tycoon that can be played in IOS devices (iPod iTouch, iPhone, and iPad). Started playing with the game last Friday night and amused to find myself enjoying it.

In the process also, got some ideas on how a food cart business is operated. Here are some tips for those who would like to play the game.

    Streetfood Tycoon customer buying kwek kwek
  1. A starter cart will usually have fries and corndog for sale. The next upgrade allows you to sell fishballs and kwek-kwek (quail eggs wrapped in flour mix).

Friday, March 02, 2012

Managing pimples and skin care problems

Used when giving talks or interview.
Speaking in events and appearing on television poses a lot of challenge especially if you are in a competitive industry. It makes you cautious about the gadgets you carry, clothes and shoes worn, and how you look.

For folks like me, one thing that I don’t fancy anymore is wearing make up and only do so when it is really necessary. Working on projects though can affect sleep and neglect routines that should be done before taking a nap.

Of course, such abuse can take its toll on your skin. Usually have my share of pimples popping out at areas near the chin or nose. It freaks me out whenever it happens. When sign of the first one appears, it raises a red flag and will do whatever I can to stop it there.