Sunday, July 28, 2002

Filipina on the Web - where are they now?

I got the chance to look into this old article, Women on the Web. Hmm after the dotcom crash, I wonder where are they now? Let us see.
  1. Therese Ng is still with
  2. Rita Barreiro left my MyPhilippines and headed GCPhilippines. But due to the dotcom crash, the company retrenched. She will go (or went) to Canada to pursue her masteral studies.
  3. Ria Ferro is still with ABS-CBN Interactive. (how are they doing there?)
  4. Drew Europeo - I think she's still affiliated with them. Their closed na. Adobo Interactive changed its name to IP Ventures.
  5. Janette Toral - that is me. Well still alive and taking care of No longer head of PICS so I can do a lot of stuff now without the usual politics.
  6. Mary Anne Tolentino - still going strong with BPI Internet Banking group. She is currently the president of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society.
  7. Abigail Yap - still with Yapster
  8. Patricia Nuguid - no idea if she's still with UnionBank.
  9. Perla Daly of Bagong Pinay - no idea.
  10. Trixie Reguyal of - the site closed down already right? Don't know what happened to them na.
  11. Franchette Soriano of - she's still there.
Look forward in hearing your comments.

Friday, July 26, 2002

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