Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gen Y Women More Tech-Savvy

Vertis Communications announced the results of its proprietary Customer Focus® Tech Savvy study, which revealed 26 percent of Generation Y women (born 1977-1994) plan to purchase a personal desktop computer in the next 12 months, compared to 20 percent of Generation Y men. Additionally, the study indicates 25 percent of Generation Y women wish to purchase a cell phone with advanced features in the next year, compared to 14 percent of total adults. Similarly, 16 percent of women in the same group plan to purchase a digital video recorder within the next year, compared to 11 percent of total adults.

Although the study indicates 83 percent of Generation X women and 73 percent of Generation Y women have Internet access at home, findings identify these consumers as the highest users of printed advertising inserts when researching where to shop. Only 20 percent of Generation X women use online circulars to research a purchase before going to a store, while 57 percent of this group uses printed advertising inserts, according to the study. Additionally, only 14 percent of Generation Y women research advertising circulars online, whereas 40 percent of Generation Y women read advertising circulars in print before deciding where to shop.

The Vertis Communications Customer Focus® Tech Savvy study, which surveyed respondents for the first time via the telephone and Web, also revealed the following:

Electronic Purchase Plans Vary Surprisingly Among Genders and Incomes

  • 28 percent of Generation Y women plan to purchase a digital camera within the next year, whereas only 21 percent of Generation Y men plan to make the same purchase
  • 30 percent of Generation Y men (born 1977-1994) are planning to purchase a new cell phone with advanced features within the next year, whereas only 17 percent of Generation X men (born 1965-1976) plan a similar purchase
  • 21 percent of adults with an annual household income of $30,000-$50,000 plan digital camera purchases in the next year, while only 14 percent of adults with a higher income of $75,000-$100,000 a year are planning to purchase a digital camera
  • 24 percent of consumers with a household income of $100,000 or more and 22 percent of consumers making $75,000-$100,000 a year plan to purchase a big-screen or high-definition TV in the next 12 months
  • In comparison, 14 percent of consumers with an income of $40,000 or less plan a big-screen or high-definition TV purchase in the coming 12 months

Advertising Inserts Continue to be Most Influential in Purchasing Decisions

  • Since 2004, the percent of Generation X women whose purchasing decisions are most influenced by advertising inserts increased from 32 to 38 percent
  • Among Generation Y men, there has been a decrease in the influence TV has on purchasing decisions, from 38 percent in 2004 to 27 percent in 2006
  • While advertising inserts may be the most influential factor in 2006, findings show that 28 percent of Generation X women turn first to the Internet to help with purchasing decisions, compared to 19 percent in 2004
  • Additionally, the 2006 study found 38 percent of Generation Y men turn to the Internet first, compared to 21 percent in 2004

Generation Y Women Lead the Way in Video Game Purchases

  • As women become increasingly tech savvy, Generation Y women lead the way in video game purchases, with 15 percent having purchased one or two video games within the past 12 months, compared to 11 percent of total adults
  • 32 percent of Generation Y women feel special offers such as free items and discounts are most important when deciding where to purchase video games, compared to 23 percent of parents surveyed
  • In addition, 11 percent of Generation Y women feel stores with loyalty card programs were most important when purchasing a video game, compared to 8 percent of parents
  • However, the 2006 study shows 29 percent of parents view stores that have the newest games in stock as the determining factor in deciding where to purchase video games, compared to 23 percent of Generation Y women

Quick Checkouts and Specialty Orders Enhance Shopping Experience

  • 83 percent of Generation X women feel a quick checkout at the counter provides the most enjoyable shopping experience, compared to 72 percent of Generation X men
  • 48 percent of Generation Y men cherish the ability to special order products and items while shopping, as opposed to 37 percent of Generation Y women
  • 50 percent of Generation Y women and 41 percent of Generation Y men feel loyalty card benefits provide an enjoyable shopping experience, compared to 47 percent of Generation X women and 36 percent of Generation X men
  • 62 percent of Generation Y women feel great advertised specials on selected items create an enjoyable shopping experience, compared to 53 percent of Generation Y men
View the full Customer Focus® Tech Savvy study release with charts

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Danica Patrick Debut as Spokesperson for Web Host GoDaddy

The 24-year-old racing phenom captured the world’s attention as the first woman to ever lead the Indianapolis 500® in 2005. just got Danica Patricks as its spokesperson. Her being extremely competitive on the race track while being fun, edgy, innovative, and fun convinced the company that she's the perfect spokesperson. (TH-NW)

Patricia Russo now heads Alcatel

Patricia Russo is the first American woman to head a major French group. The development took place after the French group Alcatel takes over US telecoms supplier Lucent. (heise online)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dina Bonnevie to spread VOIP awareness

There are a lot of initiatives today in promoting affordable VOIP, especially to Filipinos. This is because of the high number of Filipinos based overseas who are actively communicating with their relatives in the country.

In fact, even popular celebrity / actress Dina Bonnevie, who joined Efonica as Director of Overseas Market Development, is very active in this area. She'll be in GULFCOMMS 2006 exhibition to spread VOIP awareness. The primary focus of her job role is to develop strategic VoIP business opportunities for Efonica within the global Filipino community.

Monday, November 27, 2006

More Women Doing Business Online

I've been doing roadshows since the year 2000. Last month, I organized the Women on the Web, Wireless, and Outsourcing road show that took us to Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Cebu and Manila. My sincerest thanks to Cannie May of YOSSN Payment Solutions for making this possible.

Check out the photos taken in Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Cebu, and Manila.

November 20: Cagayan De Oro City
Stephanie Caragos of Syntactics referred to the whole experience as our version of an Amazing Race. Upon arrival in Cagayan De Oro last November 20, I proceed in getting some work done and set-up for the event. Stephanie took Cannie and Abby Lim of for breakfast and Del Monte Bukidnon. While Aileen Apolo, the Philippines Country Consultant of, and Jonas Delos Reyes of went to Xavier University.

The interesting thing about the Cagayan De Oro participant is the mix. Mostly women, a lot have no website yet but are eager to look into e-commerce. This is especially after knowing that they can accept payments online already. On the other hand, I had a glimpse of the SEO community of Cagayan De Oro City who attended the event just to catch up with Aileen Apolo.

That evening, Abby, Stephanie, Cannie, and I had an hour of nice foot spa. To think that is only P250 pesos each. We also had a nice dinner at Bigby's. Afterwards, we rested and set to take a road trip to Davao City at 3 am.

November 21: Davao City

Despite the challenges we had in resting inside the van, we were all excited upon reaching Seagull, dubbed as Mindanao's Baguio because of its cold temperature and nice breakfast service.

Upon reaching Davao, I was already occupied setting up the logistics in Rachero Grill. Definitely, our Davao event would not be possible if not for Rodney Jao of LaneSystems. Friends from the Department of Trade and Industry joined. I'm also glad to catch up with club members Chris Cubos of Fwendz, Oliver Robillo, and Dennis Agulo of Cerveo. Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina also passed by.

Most of our Davao participants are service providers, mostly male. I am hoping to see more SMEs next year to join special forums like this. It is great to catch up as well with Leng Nedtran, one of my staff back in my Compulab consulting stint days. After the event, Cannie and I visited Rodney Jao's office and had seafood dinner in Marina. We catched up with the rest of the team at BluGre Cafe and had durian coffee with Cannie. What I love about Cagayan De Oro and Davao is the abundance of free Wi-fi in a lot of locations - which is hardly existent in Manila.

November 22: Cebu City

Our flight to Cebu was scheduled at 11:30 am. Upon arrival at the airport, we managed to eat a durian ice cream and durian cake. Enjoying it with friends made it all more fun.

As we got in Cebu, Abby and I went straight to Rajah Park Hotel and got into our suite. Frederick Amores, my club member in Cebu, made the necessary arrangement to invite participants and introduced their new organization, Global Cebu. It is great to catch up with other club members too like Dann Diez and Gary Maningo.

Our Cebu participants got a good mix of both service providers and entrepreneurs. This is one stop where we got more women-related questions like - how being a woman gave an edge, one way or another, in managing an IT business.

That evening, Cannie, Aileen and I joined a friend of mine, Danny Arcenas of RuralNet, and had a seafood dinner at Saang's Restaurant. We rested immediately that night to prepare for a 6:55 morning flight.

November 23: Manila

We arrived in Manila before 8 am. I immediately went to STI Academy in Las Pinas to give a pitch for the school to join the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2007. Afterwards, I went to our Manila venue at Racks Restaurant. The presentation of Ma. Regina Bundang of summed up the various challenges that women go through in running a business online. In fact, if not for her presentation, I would not have known of this product - Author's Avenue Leatherbound Journal, which I have been looking for quite sometime now.

I had three club membership sign-ups during the event and for the first time had more women in the forum/meeting than any of the past club eyeballs I had. Club members like Joan Pinon, Gwen Nava, Tracy Chia, Manuel Viloria, Ida Bata, Charlie Gaw, Marla Vital, Tony Tinsay, Rona Quezon, Chris Tumpalan, Erick Kalugdan, and Cristina Chung took the time to attend and network with one another.

It was a tough, fun, demanding, and tiring week. However, I hope we were able to communicate our message across clearly - that women can indeed use the Internet to do business online. Especially now when you have more and more pro-active policies being put in place to support it. Ituloy AngSulong Pilipina!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Filipina in World Cyber Games Italy

There's only one girl competing in the World Cyber Games in Italy this year. She is a Filipina - Mitzie Valerie Eusebio. Go girl!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 20 to 23: The 2nd W3O event

It has been quite sometime that I was able to organize an all-women event. I'm glad that this chance just happened again. The 2nd Women in Web, Wireless, and Outsourcing Business Forum shall be this November 20 to 23 happening in Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Cebu, and Manila. Club and Your One Stop Shopping Network invites you to a business forum session with Women in Web, Wireless, and Outsourcing this November 20 (Cagayan De Oro City), 21 (Davao City), 22 (Cebu), and 23 (Manila).

Topics and speakers are:

1:30 - 2:00 Putting up a Website and Selling Products Online (Abby Ongyanco -
2:00 - 2:30 Outsourcing: What You Need to Know (Stephanie Caragos - Syntactics)
2:30 - 3:00 Making Online Payment Acceptance Fast, Simple, and Easy (Cannie May, Your One Stop Shopping Network)
3:00 - 3:30 BREAK
3:30 - 4:00 Marketing Your Website (Aileen Apolo - Google)
4:00 onwards Business Networking

Hosted by: Janette Toral ( Club)

For the Manila leg of this event, Regina Bundang of shall also be sharing her experience.

This event is exclusive to Club members and by-invitation only (through the resource persons in this event).

For the venue details, check the club page for more info.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Selling Cars to Women Online

It takes a lot of effort to sell cars online, especially to women. This article by Scott Painter gave good advice that not only car online retailers can benefit from.

plug: ituloy angsulong

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Power Of The Perk

Money is not everything for women CEOs. It is also usually about perks that comes in a wide variety of form of stock options, bodyguards, door-to-door car service, golf course membership, flex time, day care, travel, among others.

Ex-HP CEO Fiorina returns with memoir

Get ready for Fiorina's comeback. In the memoir "Tough Choices," Fiorina will contend that she was unfairly scrutinized as a woman in business and unproductively opposed by people who feared the big changes she had to make at HP.

7 Key essential characteristics for the 21st century business woman

Jane Foster wrote an interesting piece about 7 Key Characteristics that are essential for the 21st century business woman that includes vision selling, reinventing the rules, focus, being high-tech, handling challenges and opportunities, knowing customer preference, stand-the-heat, among others.

Pepsi appoints first female boss

Food and drinks giant Pepsico has appointed its first female boss - Indian-born Indra Nooyi. The 50-year-old will take up the chief executive position at the New York-based firm in October. Her promotion makes Pepsico the second-largest US firm led by a woman.

The best woman CEO

Tony Lopez vote Corazon S. dela Paz for the best woman CEO in the Philippines and explains why.

Arianne Caoili

Arianne Caoili is certainly making a lot of noise in Australia. She is a world champion chess player and now venturing into jazz singing, boxing, and dancing. Her experience truly shows how empowered we all are to decide what we want with our lives.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Date: August 21-25, 2006
Training Venue: The Philippine Women’s University – Computer Center
1743 Taft Avenue, Manila

Hotel Accommodation: Kimberly Hotel
770 Pedro Gil Street, Malate, Manila (walking distance from PWU)


under the auspices of:

in cooperation with:




“APEC Women’s e-Biz Training in the Philippines 2006 (WeBiz-Ph 2006)” is part of the expansion strategy of the capacity building mandate of “APEC Initiative for Women’s Participation in Digital Economy Project.”

The goal of the project is to promote Internet-based commercial opportunities for women entrepreneurs in APEC region. It will be pursued by carrying out the following four phases on e-business annually from 2005 to 2009: 1) Research, 2) Capacity Building, 3) APWeBiz community building, and 4) Policy Forum.

The training is a collaborative effort which aims to expand the participants’ knowledge, skills and competencies in e-business and to create new business network among women entrepreneurs, managers and leaders in the Philippines. With the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) of Korea and leveraging the vast experience in organizing capacity building programs at the international level, APEC Women’s e-Biz Center has been working closely with the National Council of Women of the Philippines (NCWP), the Philippine Women’s University (PWU) and Philippine Federation of Business and Professional Women (PFBW) to design a training program that will serve as the stepping stone for women’s integration in the information society and the digital economy.


At the end of the training, participants are expected to:

  • Understand the basics of e-Business and e-commerce;
  • Learn latest technology and tools available for e-Business;
  • Learn how to make a basic business plan for the product/service of their choice;
  • Learn how to plan a basic marketing strategy for the product/service of their choice using technologies available to them;
  • Know how to establish an e-community using APWebiz Solution to market their products or services;
  • Build a network of women entrepreneurs from home and abroad;
  • Be better equipped to fully participate in the Information Society at the international, regional and national levels; and
  • Orient the local government units (LGUs) on the mechanics of putting up the Women’s e-Biz Desks in their localities


Building Blocks of APEC Women’s e-Biz Training. WeBiz Training offers both the theoretical components of e-Business as well as hands on practices and real time experiences in order for the participants to gain knowledge and skills needed in running their own e-Business.

Theoretical Blocks. Theoretical Blocks consist of a series of lectures to build foundational knowledge of e-Business such as Internet security and management, government initiatives related to e-Business and other relevant information.

Practical Blocks. Practical Blocks consist of a series of lectures coupled with hands-on practice and group work sessions to build skills and capacity.


  • Dr. Hwa Jin Park, Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea
  • Ms. Yoonee Jeong, Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center (APWINC) Korea
  • Ms. Janette Toral,
    Mr. Ben Milano, Women into the New Network for Entrepreneurial Reinforcement (WINNER)
  • Ms. Geraldine Tiongson-Osias, The Philippine Women’s University


  • LGU officials (GAD Focal Points, Chairperson of Sanggunian Bayan/Panlunsod Committee on Women, in-charge of trade and industries and other interested personnel)
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Academic Institutions
  • Representatives of non-government organizations promoting economic empowerment program


  • e-Business Plan
  • Women’s Biz Action Plan (for LGU representatives)
  • Resolution/Policy Recommendation


Day 1 – August 21, 2006

11:00 a.m. Registration at Kimberly Hotel
1:00 p.m. Computer Tutorial Session at PWU Computer Center (optional for participants who have no knowledge in computer operation and Internet)
3:30 Orientation Session/Leveling of Expectations/Fellowship
5:00 End of Day 1

Day 2 – August 22, 2006 (PWU Conrado Benitez Hall)
8:30 a.m. Opening Ceremony
11:00 APEC Forum on Women’s e-Biz
12:30 p.m. Luncheon Forum: Women and Charter Change
2:00 Introduction to e-Business/e-Commerce
3:30 Starting e-Business: Essentials in Business Planning
6:00 End of Day 2

Day 3 – August 23, 2006 (PWU Computer Center)
8:30 a.m. Group Session: Drafting a Business Plan
10:30 “eCRM – Customer Service and Business Communication
12:30 p.m. “eMarketing Strategy – On line Promotion”
1:30 Building e-Business using APWeBiz Solution
2:30 Skills Session: APWeBiz Solution
6:00 End of Day 3

Day 4 – August 24, 2006 (PWU Computer Center)
8:30 a.m. e-Business Security Essentials – Online Payment
10:00 Government Policies and Initiatives on e-Business/ICT
12:00 p.m. Lunch
1:00 Special Session: e-Business Case Study and Video Presentation
3:00 Group Session: Preparation for Final Project
8:00 p.m. Show of the world renowned Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (optional)

Day 5 – August 25, 2006 (PWU Computer Center)
8:30 a.m. Final Presentation
10:30 Training Evaluation
11:00 Closing Program
12:30 Lunch/End of the Training

Registration fee is SIX THOUSAND PESOS (P6,000.00) for pre-registered participants. The fee includes food, hotel accommodation in a triple sharing room, kit, reading materials, CD e-learning materials, computer/internet use and certificates. Live out rate is THREE THOUSAND PESOS (P3,000.00).

Since the training venue can accommodate only fifty (50) persons, confirmation of participation is on a first-come-first serve basis. Kindly fill up the Pre-Registration Form below and deposit your registration fee at NCWP Current Account No. 000488009355 at Banco de Oro Taft-Nakpil Branch. Please fax the accomplished Form and deposit slip to (02) 522-4002. Kindly write your name and agency/organization in the deposit slip.

For further details, please contact Ms. Marilyn Obera at (02) 526-8421 local 124 or Ms. Geraldine Somera at (02) 526-7853. You may also send your text messages to Ms. Nanette Jacinto at 0921-5365849.

For delegates of local government units (LGUs), please see attached DILG Memorandum Circular authorizing the LGU officials to charge the registration fee and travel expenses to their 5% GAD Budget.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Shai Coggins: A Powerful Pinay in the Blogging Community

My co-blogger and nanopublisher Shai Coggins has been featured in the Cyberspace page of The Advertiser as "a powerful woman in (the) online community."

Shai is a Filipina based in Adelaide, Australia. She is's Guide to Weblogs and one of B5Media's nanopublishers.

(Cross-posted at my blog)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Filipina Bloggers at iBlog2

One worry that I had when preparing for iBlog2: The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit - is whether I'll be able to attract female speakers to join this year. You see last year, we only had one lady speaker then.

Fortunately, several bloggers volunteered to be a resource person and moderator for this event. I can't wait to meet Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, Zarah Gagatiga, Ma. Elena Cardinez, Charo Nuguid, and Ellen Tordesillas.

Another interesting lady active not only in blogging but also in Web 2.0 technologies is Peachy Herrin. I'm certain we'll be hearing more from her on the local developments in this area.

Update: I also interviewed Peachy in Podcast Episode 2.