Friday, July 30, 2010

Finding my Super One

Just got word about the Globe Super One service that allows you to have unlimited text messaging and voice calls to one Globe number. I currently have a "Super One". Unfortunately, since I am on a prepaid plan, I can't tagged this person for unlimited text and calls.

However, Globe is exploring to make the service available to prepaid subscribers soon and very much look forward to it.

At present, postpaid subscribers can avail of it from P150 to P170 a month per Globe number. So if you have a Super One in your life, I suggest availing of this plan. Here is how to activate:

However, I have a personal mission next week and that is to talk to my Super One if I can have our photo or video taken and join Globe's Super One Blogger Contest. The contest winner will have the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S Android phone.

Globe is very proactive in promoting their Super One service. They also launched a similar contest through Twitter that will end this August 2 where you will need to name your Super One on Twitter.