Friday, September 23, 2011

Tinkering with Facebook Timeline

Just enabled the Facebook Timeline so I can start tinkering with it right away. Being wary on data privacy, there are things that I want to make sure of such information that I only want to be viewable to myself shall remain as such. More importantly, my connection with friends.

New Facebook Timeline of Janette Toral viewed as another person.
What I like about it so far is the history of Pages "liked" and Groups "joined". There is an option where you can view the individual entries and unlike the pages. But for groups, you really have to visit each one, even if they are already old to "leave group".

Check-in history of Janette Toral via Facebook Places
Maps and Check-in History

Another thing that caught my fancy is the Maps feature where you can have a big picture overview of your check-in history and up to the status update that you posted then.

So like in this case, I was able to view my check-in lately from multiple locations ever since I started using Facebook Places.

Zooming in to the Philippines showed me the check-ins I made from various locations through out the country.

Drilling down further allowed to glimpse my status post in relation to that location.

Philippines check-in history of Janette Toral via Facebook Places

Check-in history from one location as zoomed in via Facebook Places

If there is one suggestion that I could give at the moment, that will be to have an omnibus option to hide all "add friends" activity. In the old timeline, I have already disabled this from appearing in my wall. However, in this new timeline, it is appearing and therefore have to disable it as early as now. When you have reached the friends limit, that can be quite a lot but I am sure it will be all worth it.

New friends added appears in the New Facebook Timeline even if you have disabled this in the current version of Facebook.

When browsing friends who
like your content, you can now
categorize them too.
Facebook Friends List

One old and now an improved feature that I began using Facebook with the new Timeline is the categorization of friends or connections. Those who respond to my content frequently (such as liking or posting comments) are now in a special group. This I check so I can also reciprocate if they share anything of interest.

New likers and commenters are also immediately added there. When you mouse-over a person's name, you just click on the "Friends" button and decide which list do you want this person to belong.

Also put some folks in the close friends list where I immediately receive a notification if they posted anything new. It is a great feeling to be able to respond immediately to content from those who are really important to you.

This is quite important to me. With around 5000 connections on Facebook, one can get overwhelmed with various content being shared. With these new features, you can now be more organized and focus on quality relationships.

So if you see me responding to your content more often than I did before, this is the reason behind it. :)

Facebook Tagging

I have always been annoyed whenever there are people who tag me on photos that is not related to me all. Usually try to find the nearest browser, from a phone or computer, just to untag myself immediately.

Finally, Facebook has done something about it by allowing you to review first any tagged content and decide if you want them to appear on your wall or Timeline. I am sure that a lot of us will be spared from various tagging promotions agony without offending friends or connections.

I think the bottom line with what Facebook has done - is to ensure that new players like Google+ will not look anywhere near it. Making the comparison between the two seems far too wide now. The personalization features got me glued to Facebook more than ever.

It gives the feeling like - I am home.