Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Three Reminders to Media Blogs and its Bloggers

I've been getting questions as to how bloggers should handle opportunities to write in big media blogs. Well, this is not a rule of sorts but more of personal principle.
  • Know when it is personal or not
    I don't think personal notes or rants should be posted in a Media blog. Think whether this is what the audience want to read in a media blog rather than just satisfying yourself. Otherwise, post it in your personal blog.

  • Tone down your intentions
    I've seen bloggers who blog in media sites criticizing a product, service, or events with a note hinting about their services. This hurts the whole validity of the 'post'. (If it should be posted there in the first place.)

  • Blog editors should watch out
    Otherwise, if a media blog becomes a personal ranting, raving, and platform of a blogger to insinuate a personal intent, it reduces the credibility of the site and its blog efforts.