Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dealing with blemishes and pimples

One of the challenges being in technology field is that you spent a lot of time sitting down and work with your computer. Time gets ignored at times, especially when home, that makes sleep a bit flexible from day time to night time.

As a result, as one gets older, the toll this takes on your skin becomes evident. These days, pimple or acne is something that no longer surprises me. A zit appears either on the chin or cheek part. Proper cleansing helps but if I want it gone in a day or three so it won't be obvious especially during public speaking gigs, glad that Proactiv is there to help me.

I just dab it on the pimple part in the morning and evening. In 3 days or less, the acne is gone. For the pimple prone, using it much regularly is suggested. You can either purchase it as a kit or buy the needed components. For me, I just use the moisturizer and the mask.

Of course, if one has acne, one must maintain the discipline of not constantly touching it. Recover from whatever sleep you have lost as these skin irritation or blemishes reflects the stress you are also having.

For those of you who will be purchasing the product set on or before August 10, you have the chance of being one of the first 18 buyers who can watch "The Smurfs" for free where Proactiv endorser Katy Perry is featured. You can get it from selected SM Department Store (Megamall, Makati, North Edsa) and Watsons (Megamall 2nd floor and Mall of Asia ground floor).