Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jherlie's Newborn Baby - Jamila Laine

Last February 5, my sister Jherlie had her newborn baby girl - Jamila Laine. My warmest congratulations to proud parents Joniel & Jherlie.

As Jherlie also welcomes any info about luck, this might be of interest (from New Age Perspective):
  • Aquarius is her sign.
  • Color - blue (environment - mood stabilizer), green (wardrobe power color)
  • Star - Markab
  • Angel - Gambiel
  • Guardian Angel - Gabriel
  • Gem - Sapphire
  • Spiritual stone - Ruby
  • Lucky charm - rabbit's foot or white candle
  • Lucky numbers - 5, 7, 14, 23
  • Traits of February 5 celebrants are:
    - creative, intuitive, imaginative
    - present themselves as perfect
    - seem mysterious
    - warm & loving
    - fascination for unknown or off-color
    - temperamental
    - relationships border on the unusual
    - roots for the underdog
    - strong desire to be needed / caretaker of family, friends, & strangers
    - fun-loving attitude
    - can excel in medicine, education, arts, films, design
    - career switcher
    - see the world differently from most
    - will have an interesting journey of life (including detours taken)
    - needs to maintain some balance like keeping a journal (even a blog)
Not known to many but Jherlie is actually the owner of Posh Marketing Services who have been marketing my seminars for the past few years now. She now has her own condo in Pasig and currently looking for bedspacers.

As I was in Australia some time last year, she also joined four bloggers to document a Puerto Princesa City travel experience.

It will be a newborn babies season for us this month as I'm also expecting Jherlie's twin sister, Jhermie, to have her baby soon.