Thursday, June 16, 2011

Set Google language to English

Just got an e-mail from a foreign student who encountered problems in configuring his Google browsing experience as it always appears in Filipino even if he is out of the country.

Go to Google Preference to set the language to the one you desire (English for example).

If that doesn't work in Firefox, you can also go Preferences > Content to choose the language.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I Want Symmetric Internet Connection - Making Sense of Globe and Smart 4G

Doing a 2-hour webinar while in Boracay
using Smart Evolution
Since mid-April, there have been a lot of talks about Globe and Smart efforts to make 4G Internet connectivity a reality in the Philippines.

I was able to join their events where this offering got shown for demonstration. Globe had their HSPA demonstration at Heritage Hotel while Smart shared the LTE (Long Term Evolution) experience in Boracay. (watch the video below for more info about their service)

My only problem with these demonstration trials is that they don't represent reality. Once it is rolled out commercially, there is always that worry of over-subscription. Furthermore, much of the hype is in the streaming quality of videos and download speed.

 (This was the speedtest result flashed onscreen for Smart 4G LTE)

 (This was the speedtest result flashed onscreen for Globe 4G HSPA+)

Watch live video from Ask Janette on
Interviewed Anne Binuya of Smart about Smart 4G LTE while in Boracay. It was done via livestream running on Smart 4G LTE. 

However, as a video blogger, livestream publisher, webinar trainer, and video contest organizer, my major concern today is upload speed. Based on the speedtest data shown by both Globe and Smart, upload speed is only 5% to 15% of download speed. Hope both carriers will also innovate and start offering symmetric Internet connection services where upload speed is almost equal to download speed.

I guess when that happens, 4G will begin to really make sense to me.