Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Test drive: Globe 3G using Samsung SGH-Z560

My quest in testing 3G services started November of last year and was able to try out Globe 3G Visibility and PLDT WeRoam 3G, and I've been using its 2G for quite sometime now.
Afterwards, I realized that there are several options available and one does not need to hurry in deciding which 3G service to get.

That is because there are now 3G-capable mobile phone handsets. Even better, there are phones and laptop devices (Flybook V33i) that are HSDPA-based too whose speed is similar to its PCMCIA card counterparts. One just need to have a mobile phone SIM card, insert it in these devices, and go online at 3G / GPRS / EDGE speed.

I'm now making this post while connected to the Internet using the Samsung SGH-Z560 with a Globe 3G enabled SIM Card. I was checking out this device last year but was cautious of getting as I want to be sure that it is really fast, like the PCMCIA thing.
Using this device is such a breeze especially once you get to be familiar with its keypad. The only drawback I saw so far is that the camera photo quality could be much more improved. But Internet connectivity wise, I have no problems with it. Set-up is easy and have no issue with the speed. It may be a challenge though to compose e-mails directly using the mobile phone but surfing should be ok.

With 3G access through mobile phone being made affordable by carriers, it makes sense indeed to use such for instant Internet connection.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Co-blogging with daughters

When I encouraged my daughters to blog, I knew it is going to be a big responsibility for me to guide and protect them in using this medium. In just a few weeks, I also felt a new closeness as we gradually build our relationship as peers as the blog gets treated like a joint business venture where both of us have to deliver on our commitments.

Take the case of Fortune Reader, I had a backlog in posting Archeia's prediction while her recent school activities also caused her delays. Gradually, we are catching up.

In the last two weeks, I've been contemplating on how to make Janin's Rockista Craze an exciting adventure for her and be more than just uploading her videos. Last night, my question was answered as she eagerly awaits the opening of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 and immediately blogged about it. I'm sure this will keep her blog busy soon enough.

I have four more blog projects to work on with teens and kids in the household.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Discovering Windows Vista

I am attending an IMMAP meeting where we are given a demo about Windows Vista. It is my first time to see it first-hand and I'm impressed. New features that I find useful includes:
  • Controlling time limit on Internet use on particular users, like your children.
  • Internet Explorer can alert you if what you visited is a phishing website.
  • Control games that children can play by using the ratings feature.
  • Search for programs and documents by typing keywords.
  • Reporting on Internet activity of users such as the top 10 websites they've visited, among others.
  • Guided help allows you to be given instructions on how to do a particular task that you inquired for help or it can do directly.
  • Tutorials or demos on how to do things in video form.
  • Windows Media Center that allows you to record TV shows while watching another TV show. (assuming your computer has a TV tuner)
  • Watch online media center that allows you to watch Internet TV shows or radio shows/podcast.
  • You can also download gadgets to your sidebar.
  • Windows Dream Scene allows you to add a video in the background or wallpapers that move on your desktop. This is one area where we can expect developments in the future.

Recommended system requirements is Pentium 4 class machine with 1GB of memory. I think I need to upgrade to be able to use Windows Vista!

Monday, February 12, 2007

My daughter is a Rockista

One of the things I've decided upon lately is to introduce my children to the concept of blogging and how can they use it as a medium to flaunt their talent and generate income.

The adventure started with my eldest daughter as the primary content provider behind Fortune Reader. That site has the highest clickthrough rate insofar as my Google AdSense stats is concern. The challenge is to keep the blog updated and get more visitors to come in.

My younger daughter has a knack for singing and can play the guitar. As we discussed a possible blog project for her, we decided to capitalize on her singing as the main focus of the blog. As a result, the Rockista Craze Blog is born and she made her first YouTube showing a 1-minute rendition of the song Spolarium.

I don't know how far this project will go but I'd rather help them now and supervise their blogs.

Visiting the Food Biz Expo and Jr. Chefs Congress

The Food Biz Expo and Jr. Chefs Congress twin events that was held from February 8-10, 2007 at the World Trade Center, Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City was a must see for people not only in the food industry but for those looking for additional income opportunities.

The Food Biz Expo was open was open to the public and I used the opportunity to check out the booths offering different products and services and maybe attend a seminar or two. The seminars topics like"Starting a Business woth Zero Capital" and "How to start your business by the Philippine Franchise Association" were really informative.

The booth that attracted me was the booth of TLRC wherein they sell their books about various business startups. I bought their book on specialty cakes. There were exhibitors of franchises, different suppliers of bakery and food processing equipments and of course different booths selling and promoting their food businesses. I also got contact information on foodcart operations from Zhon Marketing and a supplier of bakery equipment for the oven I am planning to purchase.

The Junior Chefs Congress are for students of culinary and hospitality industry. Although it carries a registration fee, the seminars and food competitions events are tailor-made to help the students not only to improve their craft but also help them to start their own businesses in the future.

Although some competitions are not open to the public. There were two competitions on display: the Intimate Table Setting for Two and Valentine Cake (freestyle). The cake designs were from simple to the extravagant. Just thinking of eating such beautiful creations was hard because you just want to look at them. The winners for the two said competition were not announced yet when I visited.

All in all the twin events can be considered as a success as it not just educates the students but also people like me interested in the food industry.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kasalang Filipino 2007 - Tagaytay

One of the events we are supporting this year is Kasalang Filipino 2007 which will take place in Olivarez Convention Center this February 23 to 25, 2007.

My Wedding in Tagaytay wedding fair is the 1st and opening leg of Kasalang Filipino 2007, which ties ten (10) key cities in the Philippines with one objective of promoting the local wedding and tourism industry. The following are the 10 cities of the road show - Tagaytay, Legazpi, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Tarlac, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, San Pablo (Laguna), Manila and Cebu.

Just visit their website to register at the event.

Looking for Manager/Toddler Teacher

Prima Daycare and Playschool is looking for Manager/Toddler Teacher. Someone who can manage the school and can teach as well. Our school located at 6th/floor Oakwood Premier, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City. Interested applicants can email their resume.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Car that Internet Advertising Bought

Two years ago, I conducted an e-commerce workshop in Cebu and met Leah Magno of At that time, Google AdSense was pretty much new and most participants, including Leah, learned more about it at that time.

During One Internet Day Cebu last year, Leah dropped by and gladly shared her lessons learned in putting up an Internet business, helping clients, and how well she's doing with her Google AdSense revenue.

Her hard work is paying off as she just got a car (Chevrolet Aveo 1.4LS/AT) that her Internet advertising income, especially from Google AdSense, is paying for. Leah bought the car as a birthday gift to her daughter, as she turned 18, last December.

Last month, Leah started a Life in Bohol blog that covers about anything and how life is in Bohol. All those who wants to know the "what's and how's" life in Bohol may find this a fun read. In my case, I'm looking forward to schedule a visit to Bohol within the year.
I hope Filipinas like Leah will inspire more women to use the Internet as a means for online entrepreneurship.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Attending Jr. Chefs Congress and Food Biz Expo

I just got word from club member Randy Manaloto that the Jr. Chefs Congress and Food Biz Expo is scheduled this February 8 to 10, 2007 at the World Trade Center, Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City. Various activities, seminars, and even competitions shall happen during the event. Do check it out!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My First Steps in Developing

Acquiring I realized was the easy part in e-commerce, creating the actual website was another story. It was both me and my husband’s decision to develop the website on our own. I know that the most logical thing to do was to hire someone else to make the website for us but because our background in programming (my husband Samuel is still a .NET programmer and I only make programs when the need arises) we decided to develop it on our own.

When choosing a web hosting provider there are certain thing one has to consider. First of course is the budget, how much could you afford for the packaged monthly hosting of your site? What platform will it be hosted on Linux or Windows? What are the hosting features and additional value added services does the package will have? Will it include free website templates, ready-made e-commerce templates and other website management systems? When we chose the advance hosting plan from they don’t have Windows platform plans yet then, but I really liked their hosting plans. So even though we don’t really make programs in PHP we still pushed through with the purchase and viewed developing it as a learning experience.

Our first step in developing the website was choosing the template for the site, since my package includes free template I first chose one and started filling in the information I want to place in the site. Once we started I realized that the template does not reflect the overall theme and look I want for the site, so we started looking for free templates in the Internet. Our first attempt in developing the site was filled with confusion, excitement and anxiety on my part and annoyance and pressure on the part of my husband because I can't seem to make up my mind on the final design. After all he bore the weight of developing the website, I was there to tell him what I want the site to look and we have a time frame of 24hrs for the site to be up.

To spare you all the gory details here are tips I want to share in designing your own website. You might decide to hire someone else to make them for you but you still have to design you site. And if you do it right you can have your site in a day or two, we made ours in 24 hours.

  • Decide what is the overall theme/look your site would have. Will it be formal, light or refreshing to look at? It must reflect the image of the company you want to project
  • Decide what you will put on your site. Audio, pictures texts, write up and images Prepare all pictures and other accents like icons you want to have. (You can also request your programmer to make icons for you) I realized when we were developing the website that I can’t just get pictures and icons from other sites, you must keep copyright in mind)
  • Decide what are the sections your site will have and prepare the contents or text write up it will contain.Make information like about your company, products, your contact information and office location readily available
  • Take special attention to your Product details provide images, description, pricing, specifications, weight and measurements
  • Include shipping/delivery rates and details

One of the most important tip I can share that once you are already decided in venturing out in e-commerce is joining groups like Club and reading on the subject of e-commerce will help prepare you in this endeavour.

I hope my tips help you in your own journey in this crazy but exciting world of e-commerce. Remember it is only the beginning.