Monday, April 23, 2007

Time for Better Gmail

Thanks to the O'Reilly Radar, I was able to download the Better Gmail. It is a Firefox extension that takes my favorite e-mail service to another level. It is a simple tool but what I like about it is that it shows you the file type of attachments as soon as you view your inbox.

You can also view e-mails only that has attachments. I find this very useful as I've been struggling with my very full inbox. (yes, Gmail gave up on me) What I hope is for someone to come up with a tool that allows a user to open two Gmail accounts at the same time and perhaps view it in the same inbox. I wonder if Tim will find that useful.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Discovering Adelaide, Australia

Last week, I set off for a trip to New Zealand and Australia. I spent 4 days in New Zealand and stayed mostly inside the conference room and hotel. My speaking engagement stint required me to go through several security protocol requirements briefing and blogging about the details would be inappropriate. At the least, I was able to come up with a new blog, Cyber Legislation Journal, and a good output for that trip.

Over the weekend, I arrived in Adelaide, Australia and eagerly working on backlog and planning for the future. At the start, I must say that whatever is available online about Adelaide is enough to show off whatever can be found here, especially to nearby towns like West Lakes where I'm staying right now.

Because of the cool temperature, I enjoyed taking long walks during the evening and around the man-made lake which is near to where I stay now.

After attending mass in Brooklyn, we went to Adelaide and took a stroll. Places I've seen includes:

  • Shopping areas
    I find the clothes to be pretty expensive here although was able to get a nice pair of rubber shoes on sale.
  • South Australian Museum
    Took photos of ancestral tools, artifacts, and huge animal display.
  • The Art Gallery of South Australia
    I was not able to explore this fully yet and hope to do so before I go home.

With a Global Positioning System or GPS gadget, one can move around the area quite easily.