Sunday, June 08, 2003

Most Powerful Women in IT

This June 20, the Enterprise Magazine ( will be recognizing 11 of the most powerful women in the information technology (IT) field in MalacaƱang. The 11 most powerful women in IT are:

1. Ms. Corazon Akol - JITSE
2. Ms. Carol Carreon - Bayantrade
3. Ms. Nenita Lim-Cruz- Eastern Telecoms
4. Ms. Wilma Cruz- Smart
5. Ms. Dittas Formoso -Microsoft
6. Ms. Lilia Guillermo - BIR
7. Ms. Rose Hwan - HP
8. Ms. Cynthia Mamon - Sun Microsystems
9. Ms. Maan Tolentino - BPI
10. Ms. Judith Vazquez- Mod.Net
11. Ms. Jojie Yap- Pacific Internet

The list is in alphabetical order, not by rank. According to Angel Lualhati, account manager of WS Computer Publishing, "In compiling the list, we acknowledge that some women leaders are more powerful than others. At first, we toyed with the idea of ranking them, but decided later against it, given the complexity of the criteria and the limited time. Certainly, some of them are considered legends in the industry (for instance Maricor Akol, Carol Carreon, Dittas Formoso, Cynthia Mamon) and others are rising stars. While the degree and scope of influence vary, we simply listed them alphabetically."

It is great to see that women are being recognized for their efforts. I hope that the women in this most powerful list will comprise half of the Executive Committee and Committee Heads of ITECC.