Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Me and My Lemons

Work is almost over for me today and here I am in the confines of my cubicle, sipping hot tea with my freshly squeezed lemon, leaving the citrus scent lingering in my work area. Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion are both doing a splendid job of singing the duet version of “All the Way” in the background. Yes, this is the way to end a day at work - relaxed and smiling despite some occasional stress along the way.

I love lemons and most citrus fruits. I love the tangy flavor - that sour tingling sensation (yung kikiligin ka sa asim!) in every bite and the scent that is left on my hands. My friend once commented that I am a masochist for eating fresh lemons, and he meant that literally and figuratively.

Maybe my friend was right but there are times when we get lemons and not oranges in life, right? I just make the most of what I have. Besides, lemons are a good source of Vitamin C. If I have lemons, I make lemonade! Call me an eternal optimist but life is tough and I need to be tougher! I look at these lemons in my life as challenges and opportunities for me to grow and develop whether as a professional working hard to reach the corporate ladder of success or as an individual trying to live life to the fullest. Sometimes, the lemonade part of the lemon doesn’t seem obvious to us, but sooner or later, it slowly unfolds itself and the sour lemon has been a refreshing and sweet lemonade. I believe the key to turning these lemons into lemonades is to have a change of perspective on problems and trials that come our way and turn them into opportunities to grow and learn. I know it is easier said than done but hey, let’s not put our lemons to waste! You need your Vitamin C so take them and you’ll definitely benefit from it.

So I am making this week’s Wednesday blog short and sweet. Raise your lemonade glasses W3O gals! Cheers to us!

See you next Wednesday!

CaRPe dIeM!!!

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