Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Time for a Change

Last week has been a day of welcome changes for me, both at work and in my personal life. As I write this, I am in a new workplace (though I used to come here during weekly ManCom meetings only) and with regards to my personal life . . .well, I have a new hairstyle (chill out Amor Powers, here I come!).

Yes girls, aside from my current functions, I am assigned (temporarily or permanently I don’t exactly know) doing quality management for our telecoms company. Though I had some background on ISO, I know this new assignment will be an entirely different challenge for me. At first I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to accept the additional job primarily because I wasn’t sure that I was more than competent to successfully carry out the responsibilities required for the post. Secondly, I have been quite satisfied with the way things are going for me that a sudden shift in my career might cause me to mess up my already smooth sailing worklife.

Call it the awakening of the sleeping dragon lady, but I found myself accepting the challenge with the hope that indeed I can help make a difference in my new assignment. After all, big returns entail big risks and what is my motto CARPE DIEM for, right?

So here I am, learning the ropes of the job day by day. Being the quality management leader and supposedly the least liked person in an organization due to the policing and auditing functions (aside from some bosses of course) is an entirely new ball game for me. But in the few days that I have spent doing the job, I have learned one important lesson in management: If you assume your people are stupid, they will act stupid. Assume they are smart, and they’ll try to prove you right!

Other managers might think I am being too humanitarian or too soft, primarily because I am a woman, for having such a mindset. But I would like to believe that such is the strength of a woman, both in the work place and at home and in human relationships in general. Women have the ability to see the human side of things and as such can bring out the best (and worst!) in people.

As I assume this new post, I would like to believe the people in my organization are competent and responsible. This will develop trust among us, which is necessary in auditing deviations in the work processes and in addressing areas for improvement. Besides, if we won’t believe otherwise why the hell did we hire them in the first place?!

So far I have tried to make that clear to our people and I am happy they are welcoming a long overdue change in paradigm. I am happy as well to see people welcoming me in their respective departments and willing to openly discuss issues and problems that need to be resolved. For me, it is already an accomplishment for them to see quality management in a better light and as way for them to improve as a dynamic part of the organization.

So wish me luck girls and see you next Wednesday!

CaRPe dIeM!!!

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