Sunday, October 27, 2002

W3O Updates

Some updates on what is happening with our female friends in the industry.

1. Mary Anne Tolentino, president of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society is very much busy with their forthcoming 1st Philippine E-Commerce Congress. It will take place on November 20 to 22 at the Hotel Intercontinental.
2. Rita Barreiro is currently busy with her major project at the International School Alumni.
3. Jhermie Cheng, Infotech contributor, now works for Ecommsite Solutions.
4. Sacha Chua just top the JITSE exam and currently one of the industry's brightest kid. She will be leading the Ateneo group in the forthcoming ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition Asia Regional site this November 12 to 14.

How about you? What's keeping you busy lately?

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