Wednesday, November 20, 2002

The Day I Lost My Wallet and Gained More

Last Wednesday was a bit messy, so my absence. Everything was a rush that I forgot it was a Wednesday and I needed to write something. When I realized Wednesday was over, it was a bit too late to catch up.

I guess with the hustle and bustle at work I became a bit unfocused last week, which caused an unfortunate incident. Yes, girls, my wallet got stolen while I was in the supermarket. With the Christmas season comes “dukutan and snatching” season as well, and I happen to be an unfortunate victim.

I remember the moment I realized what just happened, I stood there at the counter, dumbfounded for 3 seconds, while my 6-year old sister was looking more worried than I am since she was so excited about all the things she loaded on the cart she wanted for herself. Then I dialed my apartment’s number and called my housemate to cancel all my credit cards and instructed her to tell my dad to pick us up at the supermarket. My dad was surprised to see us empty handed and looking gloomy as my sister and I boarded the car. Then I told dad the story.

Dad was furious and would have wanted to go back to the supermarket to hunt down the snatcher. “It’s just money,” I told him. “Maybe he needed it badly. Pamasko ko na sa kanya yun.” The moment we got to the house, my sister and I grabbed wafer cones and loaded two scoops of chocolate ice cream and proceeded to enjoy every lick of it. My dad was still furious, thinking of ways to trap the snatcher like going back to the supermarket and planning to watch intently everyone who tries to withdraw money from the ATM machine. “Forget it, dad. I’m over it,” I said.

My friends who learned of my story were quite amazed at how soon I was over the incident. Well, honestly I was saddened and worried about the loss of my wallet and all the other personal things and the money (of course!) that I lost. But I guess there is no use crying over it. Besides, at least I know I cope with losses better, especially material losses. It just means I am not that attached to material things which can cause bitter disappointments and frustrations. Thank God! AAs the saying goes, “Worldly losses can translate to spiritual gain!”

See you next Wednesday!

CaRPe dIeM!!!

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