Wednesday, February 12, 2003


After how many months of quiet Wednesdays. . .I am back! A new, changed and reinvented ME!

The change did not just come with the new year but with the new and more challenging jobssss. . . Yes girls, I have plunged myself into Human Resource Management and Administration and Quality Management (plus of course not to mention my previous functions as Executive Assistant of the CEO of our group of companies!) And looking back this is my nth reinvention as a professional – from being a brand manager, a planning and research professional in government, a part-time college professor, a consultant and now – an HR and quality manager! Whew! Talk about diversity!

When our CEO offered me the additional positions, I was hesitant at first, knowing I do not have proper HR and quality training to back me up. I asked for about a week to think it over and I finally gave in to the challenge. I don’t know what made my boss decide to give me the job but whatever it is, I am thankful he did. Despite the workload, I somehow feel more fulfilled knowing I can make a difference in the workplace. At the same time, it always keeps me on my toes to be the role model of professionalism and integrity at work. Tough job but hey, I am not complaining! My passion for learning new things has been fueled and put to the test once again and my interpersonal skills and judgment honed. It has given me the right avenue to explore other facets of my personality as a professional which only happened when I embraced the changes that came along with the new responsibilities.

For the coming blogs, I will be posting job openings in our company and other affiliates as well as my usual random blogs!

See you next Wednesday!


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