Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Car that Internet Advertising Bought

Two years ago, I conducted an e-commerce workshop in Cebu and met Leah Magno of Bohol-Island.com. At that time, Google AdSense was pretty much new and most participants, including Leah, learned more about it at that time.

During One Internet Day Cebu last year, Leah dropped by and gladly shared her lessons learned in putting up an Internet business, helping clients, and how well she's doing with her Google AdSense revenue.

Her hard work is paying off as she just got a car (Chevrolet Aveo 1.4LS/AT) that her Internet advertising income, especially from Google AdSense, is paying for. Leah bought the car as a birthday gift to her daughter, as she turned 18, last December.

Last month, Leah started a Life in Bohol blog that covers about anything and how life is in Bohol. All those who wants to know the "what's and how's" life in Bohol may find this a fun read. In my case, I'm looking forward to schedule a visit to Bohol within the year.
I hope Filipinas like Leah will inspire more women to use the Internet as a means for online entrepreneurship.

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Aileen Apolo said...

How inspiring! I wanna get a car and go to Bohol too!