Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Test drive: Globe 3G using Samsung SGH-Z560

My quest in testing 3G services started November of last year and was able to try out Globe 3G Visibility and PLDT WeRoam 3G, and I've been using its 2G for quite sometime now.
Afterwards, I realized that there are several options available and one does not need to hurry in deciding which 3G service to get.

That is because there are now 3G-capable mobile phone handsets. Even better, there are phones and laptop devices (Flybook V33i) that are HSDPA-based too whose speed is similar to its PCMCIA card counterparts. One just need to have a mobile phone SIM card, insert it in these devices, and go online at 3G / GPRS / EDGE speed.

I'm now making this post while connected to the Internet using the Samsung SGH-Z560 with a Globe 3G enabled SIM Card. I was checking out this device last year but was cautious of getting as I want to be sure that it is really fast, like the PCMCIA thing.
Using this device is such a breeze especially once you get to be familiar with its keypad. The only drawback I saw so far is that the camera photo quality could be much more improved. But Internet connectivity wise, I have no problems with it. Set-up is easy and have no issue with the speed. It may be a challenge though to compose e-mails directly using the mobile phone but surfing should be ok.

With 3G access through mobile phone being made affordable by carriers, it makes sense indeed to use such for instant Internet connection.


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