Monday, April 23, 2007

Time for Better Gmail

Thanks to the O'Reilly Radar, I was able to download the Better Gmail. It is a Firefox extension that takes my favorite e-mail service to another level. It is a simple tool but what I like about it is that it shows you the file type of attachments as soon as you view your inbox.

You can also view e-mails only that has attachments. I find this very useful as I've been struggling with my very full inbox. (yes, Gmail gave up on me) What I hope is for someone to come up with a tool that allows a user to open two Gmail accounts at the same time and perhaps view it in the same inbox. I wonder if Tim will find that useful.


Mike Mapa said...

Janette, you're incredible: there aren't many who can fill up a 2+ GB Gmail account! :) I don't know if you will find this useful, but my style is this: the e-mail address I give out merely routes incoming e-mail to my current Gmail account. When that is full, I simply open a new Gmail account and reroute the email to the new account (and the old one becomes an archive). If you own a domain name, it should be easy to use this technique. said...

Thanks Mike for the suggestion. I will work on that. :)