Monday, January 07, 2008

Reggie Bundang: Expanding RegaloService Offerings in 2008

RegaloService was probably the newest e-commerce player in late 2006. In less than a year, the site won two awards, the best gift site in the 1st Web Awards and winner in the ADOC ICT Awards.

Reggie Bundang's story in starting the site remains an inspiration for any woman who would like to achieve a balance, start their own business at home, pursuing one's dream, succeed, while taking care of family at the same time.

Her interest in shopping, reading, surfing, coupled with her background on online banking, business, and product development made her decide to pursue starting an online retailing business, RegaloService.

With minimal capital, she relied on her network of friends to get started. She also had to deal with challenges such as building credibility with her suppliers, finding the look and feel with her website that aptly represents what she wants, and getting a slice of the market. Help from partners, suppliers, and friends from all over were valuable along the way.

In the last W3O forum, I still remember what Reggie shared, knowing what you want, being professional and understanding in one's dealings, and building relationships were vital to success.

For 2008, Reggie plans to expand her service offerings in RegaloService.

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