Friday, February 29, 2008

Disappointing Service: Banco De Oro Electronic Banking: 3rd Party Account Addition

I don't usually complain about establishments but this one deserves important attention. One of my oldest bank account is with the Philippine National Bank. If only they had more branches, I will not likely think of opening an account with another. One service feature that they have is the 3rd party account addition and it is done this way:
  • Logon to your PNB account.
  • Add the 3rd party account information (same bank, different or same branch)
  • Receive notice within 4 to 24 hours via e-mail with a verification code.
  • Logon to your PNB account and type the verification code.
  • Third party account added and can already transfer funds.
When I opened an account with Banco De Oro, I was expecting the 3rd party account addition process to be the same. Unfortunately, it wasn't. This is how they do it instead:
  • Logon to your BDO account
  • Add the 3rd party account information (same bank, different or same branch)
  • Print the confirmation sheet that has the transaction reference number.
  • Sign the confirmation sheet and have it submitted to your home branch
  • Upon receipt of e-banking unit, one needs to wait 5 to 7 working days before the account addition gets done.
Last February 18, I did that exactly and submitted the form to my home branch. As of today, this transaction is still not completed and I've been following up through e-mail or send a message when logged on. Less than half of the messages I sent got an answer and they are all telling me that this transaction is still in process.

As we all know, the owners of Banco De Oro is now on an acquisition spree and aims to become one, if not already, the biggest bank in the country. If this is the quality of service that we are going to get, then the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas really has to impose service standards that banks should follow and consumers be given a well disseminated and transparent means on how they can file a complaint.

This is also the reason why I've expressed great disappointment with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular 542 as there's no clear guidelines at this point as to how consumers can lodge a complaint on poor service by banks, such as those problematic ATM withdrawals (money doesn't come out but your account got deducted), and where minimum turn-around time is not met (I don't think they require a minimum number of days!). The Consumer Help Desk component is still missing. (if there is already, I will gladly post the information here and try the service myself)

E-Commerce in the Philippines will not grow if our banks are too slow to adjust with the times.

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Anonymous said...

Banco De Oro??? I am not happy the bank services as well. You know even you have a good deposit to them, you will still need to pay the services like asking Bank certificates and the counter staff have little know how about paper matters. While in PNB there is no charges at all when you ask for bank certificates.
BDO already earned something from your deposits but they will still need more....from your pocket.