Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learning how to use HTC TyTN II

I am a die-hard Nokia mobile phone fan, especially the 9000 series because of its keyboard. As a heavy mobile phone user, I got the opportunity to get bundled phones as part of the package. My last one, and still using it, is the Nokia N95 to which I dearly love to date especially its 3G, camera, and video taking features.

Last January, I got hold of the HTC TyTN II and find myself getting used to it. Its functionality is like a mini-computer already as it has basic Internet, wireless connectivity, and MS-Office applications. It allows you to take videos and photos. It also has GPS capabilities.

As I love to use Plurk, it became important to me whether this will be nicely viewable through this phone. I'm glad that it didn't had navigation problems unlike in my last trial.

Don't forget to check out the free extras available at the Windows Mobile site where you can get free ringtones, themes, wallpaper, games, software, among others. There are also a lot of software available for Windows Mobile that can be purchased online to maximize its use.

I also encountered some issues with this device too such as:
  • It does not have a slot for the Stylus pen. Actually it does have as pointed out to me by Donna Ureta of HTC. I think seeing the stylus pen upon content inspection of package box, immediately gave me the impression that such was it. Turns out to be an "extra".

  • ActiveSync installer in the CD had trouble running and not easy to find information in the HTC website on how to go about it. You can check out the Microsoft ActiveSync site for more information and even register for updates.
You can also join groups and meet fellow users of Windows Mobile to ask for help or advise such as: