Thursday, November 04, 2010

Foursquare Maps and Laptop Bags

One thing that caught my fancy online lately is Foursquare via iPhone. It allows me to view, or stalk, my friends as to where they are and what they do. You can keep on zooming till you see a person's actual location. (Although if you don't want to receive such type of information about anyone, another option is to remove the connection and they won't appear on your map anymore.) It kinda makes me want to organize an amazing race of sorts, ala Amazing Foursquare Race. Well who knows, maybe someday.

Although if that pushes through, I don't think my current laptop bag will be up for it. You see I am using this Toshiba laptop bag although my gadget is actually a MacBookPro.

Friends, when they see it, especially the hard core Mac fans, insist that I should replace my bag. Ok in order to stay away from that kind of attention or pressure, my shopping hunt is on for a laptop bag. It must be a colorful bag.

A good laptop bag must have multi-functional compartments and hidden pockets that organize all your essentials.

Having a colorful bag can also influence your mood and how you are perceive. I notice that friends who have colorful ones seem to immediately give a sense that they are fun or fashionable.
One brand brought to my attention is Hellolulu and will check them out one of these days.

You can find this available at Rustan’s Department Store, ROX, The Travel Club, Bratpack, Islands & More, Crossing, The Ramp, Power Mac Center, Ashop, iStudio, Fully Booked, Duty Free – Fiesta Mall, Fashion Rack – NAIA 3, Le Grand Boutique – Naia 3. They also have kiosk at 4th Floor Cyberzone Area, SM North Edsa – Annex.