Monday, September 19, 2011

Rescue your Time: Reality-check on Productivity and Handling Distractions

It depends on the kind of work that you do, I can often refer to myself as one of the most distracted online. That is why when a DigitalFilipino Club member shared the tool RescueTime, I immediately signed-up wanting to learn more on how I spend time online.

After installing since July, this is the 2nd time that I looked at the report and calibrate the scoring system in order to make a much more honest assessment. This includes reducing the score values of some metrics such as reducing social network activity scores to 1 or 0 (from 2) and uncategorize offline activities such as rest, sleep, and eating.

Assessing my online activities made me realize the following I want to spend more time on:

  1. E-Mail.
    With social networks being enjoyable and productive due to the kind of work that I have, the time I spent on e-mail has significantly and oftentimes only attended to - when it is badly needed. Perhaps e-mail also deserves a new interface that can interact with its users in these changing times where a lot of us spend a lot of time in social networking sites.
  2. Blog and write original content.
    One of the reasons attributing to my high social network activity is the time spent on reading and sharing interesting sources online. In these instances, I often have personal anecdotes to add and note it in the comments section. However, I decided to do this less and commit to writing these thoughts in my blog more. To help me in this phase, I defined blogging activities under marketing and hope that can improve my score.
So far RescueTime is a valuable resource that allowed me to have a reality check of sorts on how I conduct myself online. 

It also compelled me to be honest with myself that despite high productivity in some areas of my work, there are some that I indeed neglect that will require a change on how I do things. This includes understanding as well on what caused such change and how to move forward.