Sunday, October 30, 2011

iPhone 4 best for video in comparison to BlackBerry 9800 and Samsung Galaxy S2

I recently find myself in a situation owning 3 gadgets: iPhone 4, BlackBerry 9800, and Samsung Galaxy S2. As a person who cover events, having multiple gadgets can be an asset so that you won't rely in a device soley for event coverage. Come uploading time as well, you don't have to wait for photo and video materials to be transferred to your machine first before you can do anything else.

Here are some observations and will update as soon as new observations are discovered:

BlackBerry 9800 records video and can upload from the phone. However, if you are using a prepaid SIM (like Globe), you won't be able to upload videos using your BBMax and will have to use Wi-Fi instead. The video quality is also reduced to the point some images can be blurry.

Samsung Galaxy S2 - not ideal for live music event video recordings
No doubt that the video image quality is cool. However, how it handles noise does not impress. I covered an event recently where there were live performances by a band and hardly were they audible when I reviewed at home. Also made a recording then using my Flip Mino HD where the sound quality was better.

iPhone 4 - best for video
iPhone 4.0, despite being an older model (got it last year compared to the two above which were only this month), allowed me to take nice videos and upload it right away (even when using a prepaid SIM like Globe).