Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to play Streetfood Tycoon

Got a buzz lately from Erick Garayblas of Kuyi Mobile about his newly launched game Streetfood Tycoon that can be played in IOS devices (iPod iTouch, iPhone, and iPad). Started playing with the game last Friday night and amused to find myself enjoying it.

In the process also, got some ideas on how a food cart business is operated. Here are some tips for those who would like to play the game.

    Streetfood Tycoon customer buying kwek kwek
  1. A starter cart will usually have fries and corndog for sale. The next upgrade allows you to sell fishballs and kwek-kwek (quail eggs wrapped in flour mix).
  2. Don't rush in preparing the food ordered from you as mistakes can be committed. When this happens, just press the waste can button (lower left) and you will be able to start anew.
  3. Keep your cart clean, pressing the sponge button at the lower right side, so your quality points will remain high.

  4. Streetfood Tycoon To Do List
  5. Prioritize upgrades so you can get more revenue in to your cart. 
  6. Streetfood Tycoon Foodcart options
  7. When you have availed of several upgrades, it is important to click on the foodcart prior to the start of each round so you can customize your options. For me, it is important for the tip jar and lucky teddy to be on display as they give additional revenue. If you have an assistant, the storage box won't be necessary.
  8. At your option, you can also get special characters. Pee Noy (who is a look-alike of Philippines President Noynoy Aquino) and Moony Pukhyaw are big tippers. Lady Gogo likes corndog while Helen Degenerous enjoys fries. 
  9. Explore locations and available items as necessary. Although you will likely tap all of them just to unlock other offers.
  10. After getting a foodtruck, I was able to avail of a free special character - Alienz.
I will be updating this post as I reach higher levels in the game. Of course, this game is free. You can get more coins by signing up as a silver or gold member. Another way is just like Kuyi Mobile on Facebook and by getting a winning lottery ticket. Have fun!