Sunday, August 21, 2005


For the first time, an interactive billboard standing in Edsa Guadalupe serves as a public forum for Filipinos to debate on “What is beautiful?”. The billboard also features a running tally of the votes and the advocacy campaign’s URL,

Dove encourages consumers to use their mobile phones to vote directly to the billboard and the percentage of the votes actually appear on the billboard itself, with the technology called “SMS cross carrier” polling consumers nationwide and making their vote count.

The huge billboard, which stands one hundred and sixty feet high and one hundred and sixty feet along Edsa Guadalupe depicts an image of Australian Kristina Vrick, asking consumers to decide if she is “Extra-Large?” or “Extra-Sexy?”, as the billboard provokes the thought “Will more curves actually make you more attractive?”. In the ocean of billboards along Edsa that stars tall, slim and fair models, this Dove billboard indeed stands out from it all, in size and in thought.

The interactive billboard is part of beauty brand Dove’s global Campaign for Real Beauty, which challenges the stereotypical view of beauty. Kristina’s picture is one of four provocative images included in the global advertising campaign intended to serve as a catalyst for widening the definition and discussion of beauty. Other billboards depicting women of diverse beauty, likewise challenging the narrow, stifling definition of beauty are located along the South Luzon Expressway, Metro Walk in Ortigas and in North Edsa, all calling in Filipinos to debate!

Everyone can text in their vote thru SMS by sending in Dove I vote to 3993 or by logging on to Make a stand and voice out your opinion.

Bloggers, on the other hand, can also start arguing the issue in their respective blogs which I intend to do here.

1. Is hair length a true measure of beauty?

No, it is how you carry it. What you are and how you feel affects your aura. A person with a beautiful aura radiates beauty that is not seen in the eye but felt by the people you interact with.

I used to have a very long hair and this made me easy to remember when I was lobbying for the E-Commerce Law then. Late 2000, I decided to cut it and that happened in Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco. As I returned to Manila, friends and relatives were shocked but said that I looked even better.

2. Will more curves actually make you more attractive?

For getting a one night stand date, maybe yes. But for serious relationship, it is not. I agree that women should work hard to stay fit but do so because you want to protect your health and live longer.

Being overweight can bring you harm, but not eating enough can make you vulnerable to other sickness. Over-exercising without proper diet may result to osteoporosis.

3. Does age matter in determining beauty?

No. The beauty inside a person is more important than what one can see outside, regardless of age.

4. Does skin have to be flawless to be beautiful?

No. Natural spots are ok. Just keeping a clean face is enough.

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bing said...

hi, janette!

i like your answers. most of them are similar to my opinions about real beauty - beauty is from within, too.

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