Friday, August 05, 2005

Looking for case studies: Promotional strategies of women-owned businesses

Hello folks. I am currently part of an international team working on "guidebook for women-owned SMEs." This is a joint project of Global Knowledge Partnership and International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development. This is project agreed upon after the Women Entrepreneurship and ICT track in the World Knowledge Forum 2004.

Part of the requirement is to feature as much international case studies as possible. I believe that those who will be featured can consider this as an opportunity to be promoted for free and impart your experience as well.

I'm handling the Promotional Strategies chapter of the said book. Case studies should be willing to share their experiences in the following areas:

1. Sources and channels of marketing: This section will give an overview of how women-owned SMEs market their products, how they distribute them, how does this differ across different types of businesses and stages of business development (e.g., when starting,when growing, etc.)

2. Communication: This section will tackle communication practices ofwomen-owned SMEs (what works? what doesn't?) in reaching out to target market segments and suppliers.

3. Challenges in marketing: This section will discuss both weaknesses, barriers, challenges, advantages of specific promotional strategies women use.

4. Upgrading competencies of women-owned SMEs: This section will take a general look at where promotional strategies could be upgraded. List what governments, business support organisations, women entrepreneurs themselves could do or have done, in the form of recommendations, but also identifying good practices.

Your referral will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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