Monday, January 15, 2007

Super Mom in Boma Corporation

Ted Fong of Boma Corp. shared some updates about their company lately. One item that caught my interest is that the company's managing director, Marielle Valdez, just gave birth to her #5 child. Raising 5 children and at the same maintain a very active IT business is truly amazing. Congratulations Marielle!

This February, Boma Corp. will be completing the conversion of its newly-leased warehouse into office space that will accommodate up to 90 workers. Located at Karrivin Plaza in Makati, the new office will be the creative Mecca that its employees have been longing for. It includes a Starbucks-type lounge that overlooks the main production area. Boma Corp. produces marketing collateral for U.S. companies like Nokia, Verizon Wireless, and Adobe Systems.

Boma Corp. also has job openings you can check out.

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