Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 28: Filipina Writing Project Winners Announcement

First, many thanks to those who submitted entries to the Filipina Writing Project. Let us meet up on November 28 and celebrate Christmas early!

This gathering will not be possible without the support of our sponsor IPVG - a publicly listed entity in the Philippine Stock Exchange and engaged in the information technology and communications space. IPVG owns three operating subsidiaries engaged in information technology and telecommunications, on-line gaming, and business process outsourcing.

The November 28 gathering will be at Ponciana's Kitchen, 67 Timog Ave. corner Sct. Torillo, South Triangle Quezon City from 6 pm to 9 pm. Please confirm your attendance by posting a comment here. (Non-participants to this writing project who wishes to attend, can join upon sign up as a DigitalFilipino.com Club member.)

We will be naming the 10 winners on this day who will get US$100 each. Of course, those who can't make it are still entitled to win. In addition, we are also having the DigitalFilipino.com Club Christmas Party on this evening.

The following have confirmed their attendance for November 28:
  1. Gwen Nava (thanks Gwen for helping us arrange the venue too!)
  2. Aileen Apolo
  3. Arbet Bernardo
  4. Dine Racoma
  5. Jehzeel Laurente
  6. Elay
  7. Ada
  8. Sustines Laplana
  9. Eilanna
  10. Aiza Bautista
  11. Ivan Harry
  12. Micaela
  13. Marhgil
  14. Sheng
  15. Chel
  16. Lady in Red
  17. Phaelun
  18. Sheena
  19. Khym
  20. Iya
  21. Jovals
  22. Lucette
  23. Inanglaya
  24. Gladys Barrer
  25. Ederic Eder
  26. Kaye
will update this post as we receive confirmation.

To celebrate the Christmas season, all attendees are encouraged to bring a Christmas exchange gift worth P250.

We are also getting some raffle prizes as well. Should you like to donate prizes for the raffle, please e-mail me at digitalfilipino (at) gmail (dot) com. We will list the raffle items and donors here.
P.S. This is a DigitalFilipino.com Club 30th Networking Event too and get to meet the club members who supported this writing project.


brVince said...

I would like to attend but I am just sorry that I will not be around. I will be at my new assignment in Mindanao by that time already. May I send a representative? Is it allowed?

janettetoral.com said...

@brvince - kindly email me the name of your proxy. Thank you again for supporting this writing project.

SexyMom said...

hi, Janette--i will attend. thanks

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow! sali ako sali ako sali ako! hehehe another gathering! weee!!!!

elay said...

me too.. count me in.. :D im excited to meet u all. :)

cookycrazy said...

interesting. curious to attend..& meet new people. count me in on nov.28. tnx.

janettetoral.com said...

@cookycrazy - please submit an entry for the Filipina writing project. Once done, will confirm your attendance for the eyeball. Thanks!

Pinay said...

Nov. 28. Classes starts, I wish I don't have scheduled duty that time. :D

Anyways, count me in. I'll be with my sister, I will tell her to write an entry for this project.

April said...

Hi Ms. Janette. I think I just posted an entry. Hehe, not quite sure if it counts as an entry, and I don't know too if this is the place where I should give my link to but anyways, here it is:


Thank you.

kevin cab. said...

aw, sad.:c i really want to come, but sadly i have classes.:c

pull me out of school!!!xD kidding.

anyway, people who aren't coming are still eligible to win prizes, right? (hah, assuming na mananalo.xD)

more power and God bless.:)

janettetoral.com said...

@kevin cab - yes even if you can't attend, your entry shall be included for the selection of the 10 winners of US$100. However, for the raffle, only those present are entitled to win. Thank you.

Eilanna said...

hi Ms. Janette here's my entry...



AJ of Baklaako.com said...

i'm going!

Aiza said...

I will attend po! Yey! Its close to my house.

Jovi said...

I'd like to attend sana but I'm afraid that I can't. Medyo malayo ang location ko e...

Ang Lolo Niyo said...

Sama po ako!! Yehey! :-P

Micaela said...

I'm going po please add my name in the list. Thanks! :)

Allen said...

I really would love to attend but my work shift does not allow me too. Sad... -_-

marhgil said...

hahabol po ako. 6pm kasi labas ko sa office.

sheng said...

i will attend.

Chel said...

sama po ako. :)

Lady in Red said...

Hi! Count me in. =)

phaelun said...

count me in po :)

inanglaya said...

Ill be there count me in

lucette said...

me too... count me on!!! sali aq dyan... salo2x 2geder.

JOVALs said...

Hi guys,

See you on the 28th. Count me in!

kaye said...

i'm kaye savalza, i'l join the cool party on nov.28. see you their folks! more power
to the org!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i will attend here hehehe! i wanna see a filipina model like me =p

more power ma'am janette :)

Ada said...

My sister sheena will attend, and my friend khym and iya will aslo attend.

hmm, do we really need to bring gift for the exchange gift? hihihi.

janettetoral.com said...

@Ada - the exchange gift is only an option. It is up to you if you like to participate.

@Kaye - are you http://kayefree.multiply.com/ ?

@ParadisePhilippines - Are you Sheena? Trying to reconcile which of the entries are yours as you might have used a different alias when you submitted an entry the last time.

Ada said...

yes, ms. janet, paradise philippines is sheena :) she just log-in and didn't know that paradise philippines is her appearing name.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

sana may map papunta sa venue ^__^ di ko kasi alam.. hehe

ada said...

pahabol! hehe sasama na yung isa kong friend, si eiris :)