Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disappointing product: Aigner Watch purchased at Singapore Airlines Kris Shop

Last November 10 to 11, I took a Singapore Airlines flight from Adelaide to Manila. On this trip, I bought an inflight duty free item for myself as those are the few times where I get the chance to shop.

One of the items I bought was an Aigner watch that has a complimentary keychain. It was a nice watch and I liked its horseshoe design. Early this morning, I dropped the watch from my bed as I woke up and was surprised when I looked at my watch and saw that one of the numbers fell out of its place.

I find this item to be extremely disappointing as I only get to wear timepieces now whenever I am in Manila. While in Adelaide, twice to three times a week only as those are the days when I can go out.

Finding an item also sold on a duty-free catalogue of a prestigious airline - which is Singapore Airlines - I expected more. As this is the first time I ever encountered a not so durable product did I realized that I couldn't recall a warranty card that went along with the watch I purchased. (although I usually wear items like this right away and leave the packaging behind to avoid any discussion at Customs.) The KrisShop website neither has archive of products sold in its catalog in the past. (no file history found either in Wayback Machine)

Having this replaced would require me now to get in touch with them after I get to find its original receipt or request a copy from the credit card company. Another would be the process of returning the damaged product, shipping it, and if I'm lucky, get a replacement. But then again, there will be taxes in relation to that.

As a lessons learned, I will not buy a valuable timepiece and jewelry item again inflight.

(I gave Singapore Airlines a a heads-up after making this post and glad that they responded proactively.)


Naomi said...

I first heard of the brand Aigner in Trinoma's landmark just last December when my mom and I were looking for men's perfume. Aigner has new perfume known in NY, but not very known here yet... my mom bought it for its good scent and for being a few bucks less than Bulgari.

However she decided to return it a few days later, thinking it was not worth the price. Anyway, why am I sharing this? Buti pa sa Philippine mall pwede mag sauli ano? mas madali pa kahit wala namang sira ung product. I am not sure though if this applies to their watch too being sold at the malls. Just sharing. said...

@Naomi - thanks for sharing! I think if I bought my watch locally, that would have been replaced. But since this was purchased onflight, it seems impossible unless they have a watch center here, which they don't.

Anonymous said...

oh, my god! I also bought this watch in inflight duty free.