Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alcohol drinking guidelines

(vodka tonic photo shot at Nuvo last November 14)

Australia is one country where alcohol drinking problem is taken seriously. This is where alcohol-related social problems is estimated to be at AU$7.6 billion. Each year approximately 3,100 people die as a result of excessive alcohol consumption and around 72,000 people are hospitalized. The government even has a National Alcohol Strategy (2006-2009) as a response to the patterns of high risk alcohol consumption.

Each one of us respond differently to alcohol. However, the Australian government suggest that men should not have more than 4-6 standard drinks a day while women are encouraged to avoid drinking more than 2-4 standard drinks a day due to having a smaller liver size compared to men.

Each standard drink usually has no more than 10 grams of alcohol. Regular drinkers are encouraged to have at least 1-2 alcohol-free days per week. Those who have uncontrollable drinking habits may consider getting help at sites that talks about Alcohol Rehab.

Whether occasional or long term, there are risks in drinking that must be managed. This includes injuries from violence, accidents, falls, having unprotected sex, and alcohol poisoning. Those who drink regularly and on a long term may also increase their chances of cancer, diabetes, and brain damage. Getting Addiction Treatment is an alternative that can also be worth exploring should you feel unable to control your urge to drink. Visit the nearest Alcohol Rehab Center in your country or overseas to get further advise.