Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Buying Jewelry Online Series - MyJewelryBox

Through the Internet, it is possible to purchase almost everything online that includes low-end to high-end items. However, the timing and value of the item purchased are also factors to some categories such as jewelry. For the purpose of this discussion, let me use MyJewelryBox, an online jewelry marketplace, as an example.

This time of the year requires most of us to plan our purchases within budget and means. Christmas jewelry is a popular item to consider for loved ones. Folks planning to get one as a gift should start canvassing and order as early as September.

Sapphire jewelry and diamond jewelry are top of the line options where most women would appreciate getting one as a gift. As for women, gift options for men can be quite limited and perhaps it is time also to look into men's or couple's jewelry.

For those planning to get wed next year, they also have choices for weddings and engagement. If you believe gemstones and the luck they bring, getting your birthstone jewelry may be a good investment too.

What I like best about the site is the education section where you can learn more about diamonds, gemstones, metals, and caring for your jewelry. The knowledge you'll gain from it can make you a well-informed buyer.

MyJewelryBox can ship almost anywhere in the world. But buyers should be aware that they are responsible for VAT, duties or any other taxes incurred upon delivery. Buyers should factor this when making a purchase.