Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Miss Earth 2008 Long Gown Competition Videos

(will edit and post more videos)

Yesterday, I got the chance to watch the Miss Earth beauty pageant long gown competition courtesy of PAGCOR's local marketing unit who invited us.

The ladies wore wearing interesting costumes and it was quite hard to have a favorite pick as you tend to switch easily from one to the other. In the end, Miss Venezuela won who happens to have a lot of supporters in the audience.

Azrael, Ken, Gary, Milan, and me were all in one row watching the whole show. Afterwards, most of folks in attendance approached the candidates for photo shoot opportunity.

As the judges came from different industries and are not really professional judges per se on this type of contest, it must be hard to judge when you have around 80 women parading themselves in such beautiful outfits.

The grand finale of Miss Earth is about to happen soon. Good luck to all the candidates!