Saturday, November 15, 2008

New babies in 2009

I have four younger sisters and all have own families at this time. Getting committed very early allowed me to have the rest of my kids while my sisters enjoyed being single. Being in the rat race and managing a family with young kids has prevented me from spending time with my sister Jehan when she gave birth to her two beautiful daughters. The same also for Jhermie whose daughter Iya passed away early this year due to heart problems.

However, being able to enjoy Iya prior to her heart operation just made me realized how special are my nieces. I cried like Iya is my own daughter and still do whenever those special moments get remembered.

2009 will be a special year for me. My two youngest sisters, twins Jherlie and Jhermie, are giving birth this February and March. I am very excited for both of them and have made a commitment to devote time and be there for them. I recalled that during my birth giving times, I just get whatever is there and do not had the luxury to make a big deal out of these special moments.

But for my sisters, I have a checklist on what baby big day stuff could be needed such as:
  • baby book
  • wrist rattles (since they are too young to hold one)
  • beanie
  • sleeper
  • booties
  • receiving blanket
  • robe shirts
  • body suit
  • diaper pants
I must admit that after ten years, it surprise me to see the number of new stuff being promoted out there to make this experience as personalized as possible.

Shopping for baby gift items online can be quite difficult as there is not much website in the Philippines that focuses on this. For Australia, where Jhermie is now in Adelaide area, found one store online but based in Queensland.

Most website information available on the Internet as well refers to outlets in the U.S. For instance, checking out gives me links to custom leather baby shoes, unique personalized baby gifts, and newborn baby gift. As I'm in the Philippines now, the information shown on advertisers or sellers I can deal with is a bit limited. But as I visit Australia next week, I'm hoping that available choices will be a bit more.

Still, I'm excited! We are having two new babies in 2009!