Friday, March 20, 2009

Managing currency exchange & learn forex trading

Traveling to Australia 4 times a year for the past two years has been quite stressful especially in managing currency exchange. I often find myself in a situation where money has be to be converted from Philippines pesos - US dollars - Australia dollars and vice-versa which is Australia dollars - US dollars - Philippines pesos.

Direct currency exchange is possible but I noticed, especially in online remittance sites, they hardly do this directly and often does the computation using the U.S. dollar as the base.


One suggestion I have been getting lately is get into Forex Trading so I will learn how to play with my money better. Although similar to the stock market that has its own risks, I'll be better off knowing the game rather than keep losing from it without taking any action.

This prompts me to visit a good number of sites to get started in this area. One site that caught my attention is It has a lot of articles about foreign exchange trading including market trends, comparison, doing online research, getting a good return on investment, among others. It also has interesting write-ups on how to protect myself from scams and the likes.